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The Mis-adventures of Chad Sexington

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In January of 2006 (post Mondain's Legacy), I created a guild appropriately named THIEF on the shard of Napa Valley. It started as a personal project just to see if it could be done; to create a pure thief guild who lived, breathed, and stole in Felucca and didn't rely on scamming clueless people in Trammel as a crutch for their success. No mages, tamers, warriors, or assassins. Would people join? Would people still be interested? Would it even be fun anymore? Over the eight years of online play, the thief class had become notorious for the efforts of others to weaken their resolve. Patch after patch, each ruining the Ultima Online thief just a little, but at every opportunity. Many people said the class was dead. So naturally I went to prove them wrong.

As soon as I was just about done training my skills, I began my journey. This is where Episode 001 takes place.

**Note: My adventures on Siege Perilous begin on Episode 147.

>The Mis-adventures of Chad Sexington


In January of 2010, I finally end my journey. And if I may say, I believe I accomplished what I set out to do. Thieving is never going to be as it once was. That's a fact. You're never going to be able to get away with a lot of the things you used to. There are less people to steal from and less things to steal, but it can still be done. I'm not the first one to write episodes, not even close. There was a time when the creative juices were flowing on every shard. If not episodes, then comics. If not comics, then stories. Those juices are drying up. And as I look around, it looks like I may be the last. Some people hail Kingdom Reborn as a new beginning. They list reason upon reason why UO is going in the right direction. But I say to you this:

Where are the stories of glory and treasure?

There are no others and I'll tell you why. There's nothing glorious about sitting on a ledge and farming dragons with energy vortexes. There's nothing glorious about everyone having everything. There's nothing glorious about taking the humanity out of adventure. And I think that's what people are forgetting. Trammel was born and the real player interaction was lost. I'm talking about the risk filled interaction. The unknown around every corner. Guild hunts and guild meetings aplenty, but the problem is that everyone is king.

The sad truth is, in the grand scheme of things, everyone starts in neutral. And in order to hear tales of great adventure, someone needs to get knocked down a peg for someone else to rise. And that's why it no longer exists. People wouldn't and couldn't accept a world where others would gain from their expense. The gods agreed and decreed that their safety come first. And with it, was the beginning of the end of those glorious tales that will never come again. Much safety and security was gained from the changes over the years... but something else was lost. I might not have been the first, but from the way things are going, it looks like I may be the last.

**Note: The Epilogue was written after I finished Episode 100. I didn't plan on continuing the mis-adventures after that. Whenever I post a new episode I bump the date where I say, "...I finally end my journey."


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