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Episode 089: Lies, Despise, and Despair.

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Hail friends,

"Today was the day!" they told me!

"Today was the day!" they lied to my face.

To tell the tale of this betrayel, I'll have to start at the beginning. I'll have to start at a time which seems so long ago. A time and place where friends would have done anything for one another. 'Twas a lifetime ago when I was face-planted at the foot of the bridge inside Dungeon Depise.


*pumps fist*

That conflaguration potion was for you!



(You're no longer my B.F.F.)


*throws mood ring on the ground in disgust*

I take the long, embaracing road back to Luna. There was something in the air tonight. A hint of something special was in the air. With my former B.F.F. and Chris of iLL holding down the fort, the invading G!B may already have their hands full. I re-stock, re-group, and recall back to the entrance to Fire.

I strap on my sharp looking suspenders and off I go.


(All the cool thieves wear sharp looking suspenders.)


(Or so I've been told.)

But with Clinkx, Rocky, and RS waiting by the sparkles, I take an alternate route.

Through the bowels of Despise I go. And with G!B already having their hands full... and I intend to slip back through the cracks and take advantage.

I quicken my pace.

I return to find myself looking as embarassing as ever and Stephanie's corpse not far behind (serves her right). With the bridge inhabited with nothing but rats, I make my trek the trecherous crossing and patiently wait to the side.

I wait and wait.

Still quiet...?

Something was amiss... A little too quiet, but I soon find out why.

My red friends at Fire finally make their appearance. Be it G!B or these three, it makes no difference to me. I sit and I wait, and I let them fight it out amongst themselves. The 3 at Fire bring a couple friends. Ker Boz and Aelina the monk join the three I spotted at the sparkles.

...and with Aelina working as protector, my actions would have to be quick and precise. I prepare myself and my wits for the innevitable confrontation.

They heal up the G!B started 'Coon... but for some reason, they don't heal it completely. Was it some new tactic? Was it all just a ruse?

Too many questions and no time to answer. And whatever it was, it meant less scrolls for me. The attack began. It would all be over soon -- one way or another.

His life begins to dip and the others set up fields to keep unwanted guests at bay.

With Aelina in the shadows, RS was the only target that was worth a damn. I make my move for what I've waited and died for this night.

He casts invisibility just to keep things interesting.

I sit back... and when the time was right, I finally act.

110 scrolls!?


(...but only two.)


The hand off and double switch was at play to the chicken riding warrior two steps to my right.

I listen to them mingle. I listen to their small talk. And then I hear those magical words:


A trick? A mis-direction?

...Or just banter between B.F.F.'s?

With five sets eyes equip with the mightiest of armors and weilding the most splendid of weapons, I'd have to watch my step. RS still in wraith form moves to the right clearing my path.

Whatever the cost, whatever the risk, one thing was for certain...

...I couldn't stop now. I am commited.

"Today was the day!" I remind myself.

I take one step closer amidst my enemies, pop open his scroll-carrying pack, and get what's coming to me...

A bag full of 110 scrolls.


Son of a bitch.



*pumps fist*

This is your doing!


*throws B.F.F. decoder ring on the ground in disgust*

I throw up my arms in dismay. Two of the others jump through the gate. (And by my luck, their mages, no less.) I shadow jump to left, fill my pockets with 18,000 gold pieces, and make my quick exit.

Rocky comes back to slaughter this tiny thief, but he's much too late.

I take my gold, unstrap my suspenders, leave them with their 110's, and go home without the mighty 120 Magery that Stephanie promised to me this day. I go home to find my parade disbanded. The excited children were excited no more. The fresh chicken and rainy day ham were left to bake in the sun. The clowns and the jesters were the saddest I've ever seen them.

Fourteen suicides.

*goes home and takes the ball with him*

'Til next time!

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