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Episode 067: The Standards of a Scoundrel

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an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain.

Oh, to be a thief! To live life in the moment. Never knowing what the treasures of the day will be, and never knowing the dangers of tomorrow! I crawl out of bed and find an item on my door step.

A ship key?


The day was starting earlier than usual, but who was I to complain! It's I who have chosen this life I live and if I don't live it, then no one will! I drop my valuables, pick up my invanuables, and shout out "Kal Ort Por!"


"That ship is not in a valid recall location."



I'm insulted.

What, no ambush? No boat full of reds waiting to teach me a lesson? Just a neighborly act of dropping a key at my door -- as if I couldn't find my own boat to steal!? Such things are for the gloryless! Such trinkets are for those to shy away from real adventure!

I spit on thee.

I don't bother with the key. Instead I go to clear my head and find myself once again... at Brit Gate.

I amuse myself with the usual gimmies... treasures that don't even deserve to be considered treasures. Little more than trash.

Still, I take what I can and I thank my victims kindly. A duel of words between mages escalates. These festivities interest me little, but I'd be smart to take advantage of the welcome distraction.

Mighty axes litter the packs of the on-lookers.

(Note to self: "The most fearsome pvper uo has ever seen" draws a large crowd.)

Silverfox: How dare you!
Silverfox: The code!

Damn the person who wrote The Code! My hands are shackled. My spirit dampened.


Like any other day at the gate, I've gotten a few grabs, taken a few valuables, but nothing of any real consequence. But what's this?


Your mighty reptile slayer crossbow seems to be ripe for the taking! You should be more careful my young lad.

That looks heavy.

Allow me. ^^

He skitters off to the battle field. Amongst the fighting reds. The effects of the blackrock must still be affecting me. My movements are slow. My actions telegraphed. I move to the right and he darts to the south. And just when I am so close, he valiently jumps into the pile of murderers!

No margin to be sluggish. No reason to take my time if his enemies are successful and loot the treasure first!

I break my stealth and join the mob chasing him around the field. My first, second, and third attempts I miss! My treasure always just out of reach. I try and try and try again, until finally...


With a few enhancements, this bow would fit nicely in my collection.

I hang around for a bit longer, taking anything worth taking, but tonight was going to be a good night. I already had my prize.

And so, I go home. Another day and another steal at the gate. With the treasures I've gotten this day, I wonder what tomorrow will bring...?


Then again...

...I wonder what trickery will end up on my door step!

*shits pants*

'Til next time!

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