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Episode 068: More than one way to catch a fish.

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Hail friends,

I stray away from the beaten path and seek out my own adventure this night.

And be it luck or be it fate, my adventure doesn't disappoint.


A collapsed house. A buffet of treasures. And all for me!

You never know what you'll find in these treasure filled buffets. People tend to hold on to the strangest of things. From their most heart felt of sentimental roses, to the most rare and unique of forgotten artifacts from times long since past.

Broken clocks, paintings, candelabras, broken barrels, shells, water worn globes, and mountains of human remains litter the ground. A fisherman lived here. Perhaps an old man who's glorious fish days have long since past with no next of kin to pass on his many possessions! Perhaps a crusty pirate that used this very house to store his many bags of plunder!

I indulge and dig in.

5 Veteran Statues decorate the missing house. A large painting brightens the missing wall. An ask & answer crystal ball and then... there it is. Right before my eyes staring me in the face!


There it is! Discarded amongst the rest of the trash like an ex-girlfriend!

I've heard the fables of these mystical crystal balls but I've never seen one or touched one in person! They say you can get 45 million gold pieces for these rare and valuable items. And here it is sitting on the grass for anyone to take!

(I leave the small paintings.)

I take a closer look to scavenge for even more treasure but... it seems I get the pickings of sloppy seconds.


I check the shoreline so see if I can find this fisherman's forgotten boat with no luck.

They say fate will only take you so far. They say luck only presents you opportunities and it's you that has to make the most of it!

"ORLY?" I respond to them and snatch their coin purse!

They curse me to no end and put their pants back on... but that's a tale for another day. But one thing was clear! There was only one course of action!

I get to work.

I mark a handful of runes in front of where the house would have been and I carefully mark them as to not be too obvious.

I announce an IDOC for the morning that has passed as to not alarm any fish that I catch. I mark one last rune for myself just over the hill to the west.

The trap was set, so I return to the best place to cast my bait, to catch the most over-stuffed, well-fed, and gullible of fish -- Luna Bank.

I place some runes in the corners of bank and the most inconspicuous of locations (as if they were old runes tossed out and of no further use).

The fish were out and about! I don't even have time to empty my pack of runes when I get my first bite!

pack rat!

I drop what I'm doing and give chase.

I find the fish, undoubtably as giddy as I first was. His instincts would be sluggish, his distracted, and his actions clumsey.

I move into position.

After checking a few empty chests in the front, he heads to the back to the small paintings I left behind.


I pop open his pack only to find a small pile of gold and my freshly marked rune. I take a second look and find something worth while after all!

But for this treasure I'd have to pry it from his cold dead hands.



I grasp my dagger, wait for pack rat to wander by once more, and I strike!



Ah! So he did come prepared after all! I reach back and thrust once more and finally land my poison.




I land a death strike, but he valiently stands his ground! His war fork begins to take its toll on me. I summon some mirror images to aid me, and the tide begins to turn!

The poison sticks as I land my second death strike.




He orders his ostard to take him northward in retreat.

I give chase, keep pace, and land a third death strike.

My leathal poison wears off! I grasp a shuriken and throw it in pack rat's direction.


I grab a second one, it injects a new dose of poison, but he successfully applies a clean bandage just in time.


I give chase once more. I summon another mirror image and corner him amongst the shrubbery. This was it! This was the end!

"Kal Ort Por!" he says!

I stand there swinging wildly to interrupt his magical spell. But through all my misses, his high defense chance, and his high skill with his shield, he makes a clean get-a-way.

Alas, it looks like I'll have to be content with my statues, mystical crystal balls (and 45mil), and find my own clean bandage summoning talisman another day. I stick around a little longer to see if any other fish will bite, but they never do. Only pack rat had the balls to accept my challenge.

pack rat. I salute you.

*runs off to the bank to sell this sucker*

'Til next time!

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