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Episode 001: A lesson in patience.

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Hail friends,

Hanging out at luna bank -- minding other people's business -- something grabs my attention.

I couldn't make out all of it, but it had something to do with an item in need of repair.

Lord Book Master: A tailor deed should work.
Alienmanius: Okay, I'll try it.
Lord Book Master: Do you want to see a dungeon where mages can't cast spells?
Alienmanius: Okay.
Lord Book Master: Just promise not to kill me, I'm just a book guy =)

(This looks promising.)

Lord Book Master: Gate to Trammel.

(Trammel? Aww...)

(But why would Book Master be paranoid of death?)

With nothing else to do (and nothing to lose), I follow Lord Book Master and Alienmanius through the blue gate. With my expectations low, I'm pleasantly surprised to find myself in front of a moongate. Maybe we were heading to Felucca after all.

Alienmanius: Do you want your Powder of Fortification back?
Lord Book Master: I used to have 35 houses... when you could.
Lord Book Master: I do okay for myself.
Alienmanius: You sure?
Alienmanius: They're like 45k right?

(Oh, really?)

Lord Book Master: Minoc.
Lord Book Master: Fel.

Lord Book Master: North to the arctic!

From the Minoc Moongate, they both take off north. I get them on tracking but I lose their scent multiple times. He tours us both up and down, side to side, to the smithy and back down to the tents. At each stop I refresh my tracking.

The tour continues and I'm losing my patience.

We head into town, past the bank, and across the bridge into the mines.

(Finally, out of guard zone. Now we're getting somewhere.)

Across the bridge, with my hope up high, they're much faster than me. They go past the entrance, along the side of the mountain, and all of a sudden I lose my mark! But where did they go? Maybe I was mistaken? I head back into the mines and find no one. I search along it's border and find nothing.

(Up the mine?)

(What's this?)

(A secret entrance?)

Lord Book Master: You have to say the magic words.
Lord Book Master: Watch.
Lord Book Master: RECFU


With Book Master gone and Alienmanius all alone, still learning the tricks of the dungeon, now's my chance. I attempt to change to human form to prepare for the steal.

"You cannot use this ability at the moment."

(Damnit. I forgot. You can't cast spells here in the secret mine.)

No more time to be subtle. There was a lone adventurer with a pocket full of Fortification Powder and I wanted it. I dash outside, self-revealing myself in the process. I didn't care. I needed to grab the powder before Book Master came back. I pop outside, change into human form, and dive back in.

(Book Master's back.)

As I'm going in, they're going out, and in the narrow passage leading to the exit, Lord Book Master runs past me and Alienmanius... runs through me and detects something suspicious! He stops, doubles back, and checks for an invisible intruder. In the process, he gets close enough for me to get a good look in his pack.


Alienmanius quickly runs outside and the hunt continues. Apparently, he wasn't too alarmed. They continue the conversation outside.

Lord Book Master: There's another point of interest not too far from here.

*shadow jumps next to Alienmanius*

*pops open pack*

Lord Book Master quickly hides.

Alienmanius: Ninja?

With Book Master hidden and Alienmanius still confused, I reach for the powder and run down the mountain as fast as I can.


'Til next time!

**Note: At the time Episode 001 was written I still didn't have a proper program ready to take screenshots. The pics that you see were taken on 3-12-07 and added later showing my journey.

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