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Episode 002: Good things come to those who wait.

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Hail friends,

My adventure starts off like most of my strange encounters. Jumping through a random red gate. Two blues already jumped through and I know my presence will be seen the second I appear at the other end, but I couldn't resist. I find myself in front of a fort of some kind. The two blues turn out to be from the B-C guild -- the bears!

*quickly hides*

Within a few seconds 6 others come into view: 3 more bears, 1 M^F, and two others with no tags which I assume are bears. Even though the house is private I decide to stick around. With no front doors, all the better for my curious ears to be tantalized.

Mythran: Does everyone have UOAM & TS?
Bear1: Nope.
Bear2: No.
Mythran: Everyone needs to have UOAM & TS when we do champs.

(The plot thickens.)

At this point, one of them decides to step outside (for a smoke?)



They all gather outside and rally to his side. One-by-one, personally checking if I was there.

(One-by-one giving me access to their packs...!)

(Trash, trash, and more trash. Ooo, petals!)

Mythran: Fields.

Per his request, they begin casting an onslaught of poison fields, energy fields, and earthquakes. (Silly bears... you'll never catch me on a blue.)

I take cover behind the closest house. I knew this had to be an omen for a good story to come so I attempt to start UO Screenshot Utility in time, but it was too late. The fields were gone.

A few of them sweep the area trying to detect me, but I make just the right subtle steps that they are finally satisfied they are alone.


(--Then I get some guild chat coming in.)

(Note to Self: Keep as much as possible about Seige away from Winand. He's a long time vet that quit in 2002 whom I've recruited off the thief forum on stratics. He must never know about Siege.)

The bears gather back inside and even from outside the house, I could hear a gate opening.

&crosses Terra Sanctum off list*

If I were a bear where would I go?

Ice East it is! My mind is set on the bears. I can think of nothing else. My wolf nose smells human flesh. The scent becomes stronger and stronger the closer I get to the sparkles. They smell like brownies... chocolate chip.

Possibly Almonds.

The LAL guild?

(What? No, I don't want you. I want bears.)

I scan the area for bear droppings. They might have passed this way, but they'll have to wait. Four blue LAL and 8 red candles vs. me?

(I like those odds.)

Kunoichi has Power Crystals.

In any other situation they would have been mine. But I must remember my training. Patience. I've learned my lesson before. Maybe it will pay off again.

It becomes abundantly clear that I'm not alone. Ave-k VII has joins the party and takes some of the attention away from me.

(At this point, I've already been revealed. With Ave-k around, now they'll have to split their focus to two potential threats.)

And there it is before me! My first 120 scroll! It's so close. Yet so far away.


(I need practice.)

Disgruntled and convinced it easily would have been mine (if I wasn't so determined to have this mis-adventure on record.) I decide to give one quick look for my long lost bear friends, but I doubt I will find them. A Rikktor spawn for 4 people was no easy task.

Spawn after spawn, I search. Nothing. Not a trace. I've lost the sweet brownie aroma. Nothing but the stentch of scorpions and wraith droppings.

I make my way home. Ready to call an end to the night. Empty handed once again.

Then the rage.

The rage builds.

Burning inside my core.

(Wait, maybe I just hunger for brownies.)

(It can't end like this!)

(Moonglow Mage Shop...!)

(Mr. Darkforge?)

(You have a present? For me? You shouldn't have.)

Alas... my fill of bear brownies will have to wait for another day.

'Til next time!

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