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Episode 003: Picus vs. Chad Sexington

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Hail friends.

Not every day is a good day for a thief.

I picked a fight and I lost.

It all started in a little place I like to call the home I love to hate--Luna. I popped in and out of Brit Gate a few times earlier that day. Checking in on the regulars. Checking in on fellows guildmates practicing their skills. Even my old friend Lord Book Master was there to greet me in his own special way.

But there is little glory to be had at the moongates. The real adventures--the kind that increase the size of your testicles -- is out there, in the wild.

Sosarian folk come in all shapes and sizes, but I've never heard of a naturally born Ratman. Dgen X was keeping a secret, and I made it my personal job to find out what it was. The stink of Despise was still on his breath. I decided this was where my story would begin.

The battle had already been fought, but from the looks of it they left in a hurry. I helped myself to 16k in gold pieces and went on my way.

They left with good reason. The Despise regulars were at it again. W@R, Mutineers & XP doing there nightly dance. Sometimes I poke around but tonight that life did not interest me. Besides I still had to bank my gold they so thoughtfully provided.

It didn't take too long before it dawned on me that I shouldn't have to wait for an adventure to come to me. I should go to it. Grab it by the throat and soffocate it until it confeses were all the other adventures are hiding. They are afraid, and they should be.

So I did what any other sosarian who's lost their mind would do -- I bought a boat!

Away from these shores I would go. Leave this dung pool of sin behind and find virgin lands ripe for exploitation.

Be afraid! Be very afraid. As the first to ever set foot on these lands I claim them for myself! Let any intruders beware! Let this mark 100 years of peace and glory to these lands! Let all know---


*Pumps fist*



*checks pockets*


*flips a coin*



(Tails would have been a duel of who can dress the best.)

As I am a creature of the night, a wolf, master of patience, I study my foe. No detail lost. No article of clothing left as I mentally undress him. (He might have secrets!)

Ah, I am satisfied with my victim. Glory shall be mine this day. And I am feeling particularly sneaky this night. The magical properties of this talisman will aid me in my quest.

The aura of my greatness is growing too immensely! My greatness-aura may give away my location! I use my will power to supress it. It takes much of my strength, and I am fatigued.

Then the tide turns.

Picus must have smelt my greatness in the air. I was not careful. I may have been standing down wind. He (obviously) called for reinforcements. For he dare not accept my duel of wits one-on-one.

I am committed. Death or glory I say. These elves are tough to sneak up on. But luck seems to be on my side. I creep my way next to one of these heathens unnoticed.

Victory was in my grasp. There was no turning back. 115 Ninjitsu & 115 Bushido within my reach. Maximum 120 stealing on my side. Scrolls weighing 1 stone for the taking. All this and my tiny Ferret body would not easily be noticed.

I extend my arm and reach out for the 115 Ninjitsu.

No one notices.

My finger tips touch the scroll.

I wrap my hand around it.

No one notices.

I begin to move it from their pack to mine.


*My fingers twitch*

Round 1: Picus

'Til next time!

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