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Episode 260: Modern Technology 3

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Hail friends,

*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mail*

*looks closer*

"From Kelmo, with love."

Now that's what's I'm talking about!

(To be clear: I'm talking less about the love note and more about the loot.)

There's no need to be juvenille, people. We're all civilized, intellectual adults. If I'm requesting a reasonable trade for a reasonable Special Dye Tub at a reasonable price on the public boards, feel free to take advantage of the wonders of the mailbox and drop one off as a present. There's no need for the unwanted mailbox turds, not-needed penis enlargement junk mail, or too-good-to-be-true notes from "Barter Town Investment Brokers." There's no need to take advantage of unsuspecting mailbox owners with unwanted items.

We're all grown-ups (and we're all reasonable) and we should all act accordingly.


*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mai--


What kind of simpleton would do such a thing? He's probably the lowest of the low... mostly likely hailing from a city that likes to pretend to be of higher profile on the shard than it actually is. He's probably in a guild of losers, led by a man of questionable heterosexuality.

(What a queer.)


*squints eyes*

(You son of a bitch.)

'Til next time!

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