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Episode 292: Scroll of Magery

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Hail friends,

Out of all the places in all the land, why do they insist on using Yew Bank?

There I was, minding my own business, when I received word:

Enkil Visigoth: Come to Yew Bank roof.
Enkil Visigoth: A bunch of people and they have scrolls.

(I'm off!)

I make the (relatively) short walk over to the bank as Enkil gets me up to speed.

It was the White Council, back in action.

Now perched on the adjacent roof, Enkil continues to spy as a ghost below and I begin spying as a wolf above.

I wonder who has the good loot?

(Oh Almathea, you're too kind.)

They give me all the information I require.

(I've heard enough.)

I circle down and around and go straight for the mystery prize.


*changes out of animal form*

With four others and two greater dragons standing by (and the Yew guards temporarily disabled), it was a good thing I had an invsibility necklace already packed.

(I knew all of those IDOCs were good for something.)

Without any cover, I make my move.

(I wasn't going to wait around while a 115 Magery was invovled.)

I reach for the scroll and the necklace goes on.

With four sets of eyes, my heart skips a beat, and... they continue on as if nothing happened.


I snoop around some more.

Enkil shows himself.

(He was the decoy and I was the thief.)

He gives me all the time I need.

I've seen enough and it looked like the powder was going to be as good as it gets.

I make my move.


And Almathea takes a step towards the gate.


A few moments later, they return.

I move in for a second try and...

Being perfectly rested, you shove them out of the way."

"All kill!"

I trip over Enkil and then fail to hide due to the aggressive dragon breathing down my throat. Jesus goes in for the kill. The dragon gets a good hit on me, the inviso-jewelry goes on, and the dragon insta-reveals! The lizard gets another whack at my balls and the jewelry goes on another time. I'm all but red-lined and the Powder of Fortification is long gone.

With me no longer visible, their thief-hating attention turns to Enkil and he receives the lion's share of their thief-hating wrath. He goes down a second time... but no sulking for us.

We look to the future!

(It may not have been a 120 Magery, but it'll do nicely.)

'Til next time!

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