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Episode 107: Minding other people's business in the heart of Despise.

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Hail friends,

There I stood, at the alter of Baracoon.

13 Red Candles and not a man in sight. My bones begin to shake. My skin begins to crawl. There was a mystery that needed solving and it wasn't going to solve itself!

I cross the western bridge and the plot thickens...

All Your Base... either the last noble remnants of a fierocious battle to the death or an attention seeking suicidal emo.

(My findings are inconclusive but evidence for the latter is compelling and the matter is still under investigation.)

I check his pulse to see if there is anything to salvage.

A few 105 scrolls and a few other trinkets. I take the Conflaguration Potion. (Someone could throw it in my direction.)

I take a look around, reach for his pack, go for the potion and...

...High-Life races across the bridge from the island and spots me!

He races in to help his friend (and to confront his murderer?).

"It wasn't me! I swear!" is all I could squeek out.

He bumps into me, looks at me funny, doesn't bother wasting his attention on me and moves along!

I say hello in my own special way. ^^

And find nearly 12 thousand gold pieces. (A small treasure? Yes. A treasure worth taking? Absolutely.)

I scout the area to the west, find nothing, return to the island, and High-Life comes to me.

To the east is All Your Base alive and well.

(With my investigation complete, it's apparent that the D-s emos are gathering and making their presence known.)

I turn my attention south and find my prize.

They gather at the alter and the shroud surrounding this mystery is finally revealed.

All Your Base resurrects his emotional friend, High-Life begins to share his feelings via poetry, and All Your Base begins to slit his wrists and puts on more eye-liner.

NIGHT of KOS is just can't take it anymore and snaps.

High-Life takes another dirt nap, All Your Base feels to the west, and NIGHT gives chase...

...and so do I.

All Your Base turns and makes his emotional stand and sheds his emotional tears.

Arrows flying from right, emotional magic from the left, and I move around to the north. Neither one of them runs and neither one of them is paying attention to unsuspecting ne'er-do-wells.

I snoop All Your Base.


I turn my attention to NIGHT.

And they both drop each other at the same time!

And just like that... everything's quiet and I'm all alone. Three dead bodies and all for me.

My luck only gives me to take home a single arrow.

I take my 12k in gold pieces and go home.

I return later but find nothing but more corpses. The 13 Red Candle alter remains untouched and there wouldn't even be a chance at scrolls this night.

I stop. I stand. I wait.

...and then I go home.

(If not tonight, then maybe the next.)

'Til next time!

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