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Episode 005: With great power comes great responsibility.

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Hail friends,

Chad Sexington: Hiring smithy!
Smithy: For what?
Chad Sexington: Massive amounts of shurikens.
Smithy: How many?
Chad Sexington: Hm... about 50 stacks of 10.
Smithy: Be right back.


*checks self for cooties*

The smithy returns.

Smithy: Here ya go.
Chad Sexington: price?
Smithy: No charge?
Smithy: Have fun with Picus.
Smithy: *smiles*

I just hope one day I can repay the kind smithy in Trammel one day.

(And if I see him in Felucca, I'll repay him in another way.)


News of my exploits has been far more reaching that I could have imagined! My words of rebelion and my (empty) promises of riches have lured denizens from the shadows. One shady fellow claims to be from the Pacific shard. Another hails from days long since past. One shady fellow claims to have used magicks unknown to me, from a sister shard "Pacific." (I suspect his true love is 'the Ale.') Others hail from days long past.

I soon receive word from my carrier pigeon, Stinky:

I send Stinky on his way with a message of thanks.

There is work to be done.

*cracks knuckles*

(Who is Annonymous Source? I'll never tell.)

I arrive to be greated by unexpected guests. None-the-less, I didn't get dressed up for nothing.

SoN indeed was there and charged in at full gallop. In the midst of all the fighting I slip through the ranks.

My wolf paws step lightly now.

The dragon haters eventually put down the massive beast only to let me take a peek inside their packs. And within arms reach I don't believe my eyes...

120 Ninjitsu!






120 Ninjitsu slips through my fingers. Empty pockets once again. Empty pockets but not empty handed. What matters most is the message, the message from Annonymous Source, the message was real. Strange allies I've been making these past few days (friends? I think not).

*waits patiently for Stinky to return*

::The Next Day::

With enough shurikens to feed a starving country, I decided it was time to have some fun.

Chad Sexington: I have an idea.
Chad Sexington: Let's cause some chaos.

The guild has never been bigger. What's the use of godly power at your fingers tips if you don't use it? I sent word to gather at my house. They all seemed optomistic... I knew it was going to be a disaster.

We were to loot the world dry this night. No corner of sosaria would be safe. And the person with the most death robes by the end of the night wins a pair of Ember Leggings! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!





Chad Sexington: Where do you wanna go?








The entire land of sosaria was asleep! Either they fled in the wake of our overwhelming power or just bad timing. I suspect our crotches were radiating with force that night, giving away our locations and our intentions!

Between the empty spawns and our collective radiating crotches (7 strong!) we decided to call it a night.

A few laps around brit gate provided a few deaths. But none would accept our challenge.

Were we careless in the power we were weilding? It would seem so. Like children we weilded our power. Like children we did not know what true power was.

Next time, Sosaria will not be so lucky.

'Til next time!

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