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Episode 188: The 1 Million Gold Challenge (Part 7 of 7)

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Hail friends,

Question: How do you put a town of thieves on the map?

Answer: You get the people to come and recognize it as such, you idiot!

To end this story, we of course have to go to the beginning (and back to that original posting).

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
"Hear ye! Hear ye! Introducing the Barter Town One Million Gold Challenge!

Come one! Come all!

Please meet at the Barter Town Stables 10 minutes prior to the event (within guard zone). In the event, all of Barter Town will be made public -- including the houses. Inside the houses will be all kinds of containers. Inside some containers are books with clues. Inside one container in particular is a one million gold check!

This event will run either 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on the turn out. More details to come.

(Oh yes, there will be blood.)"

"Please meet at the Barter Town Stables..."
Every person that showed up at the stables recognized it as ours.

"...all of Barter Town will be made public."
ALL will be made public. Yes, including the houses. But also including the Barter Town Mines.

"Inside some containers are books with clues."
This is true, but there are also books locked down in the open. There was one book in particular that has always been public, that has always been locked down inside the Pawn Shop, decribing the Mines. That was the clue and it was the only clue that mattered.

In less than an hour of a single day, we've put Barter Town on the map of Siege Perilous. Our stables was the staging ground, our houses were the decoys, and our mines were the end game. (a.k.a. our borders are now defined.)

Nothing I said in my original post was a lie and at the same time, everything that came out of my mouth was a half-truth. Truth enough for them to return to our town. Gilfane, TO, Secret|Society., KSS, K0C, and NEW all showed their faces. Not showing their faces was failure. After showing their faces there was nothing more than a mad dash to see how many suits of armor we could collect. After they showed their faces, it wasn't us versus them anymore. It was just a game and an inside joke trying to 1-up each other in body counts and loot. (Oh yes, and the blood! The glorious, wonderful, buckets full of blood!)

We walk away with 15+ suits of armor, handfuls of jewels, weapons, regs, potions, and bolas -- all of which we'll be using on a daily basis. In the end it was not the masses of Gilfane or any of the others to walk away from that day any richer. It was a lowly 1 day old NEW by the name of Warhawk that outsmarted them all.

The mines belong to us. Maybe next time they'll remember that fact.

'Til next time!

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