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Episode 088: My good deed for the day.

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Hail friends,

I patrol the streets of the City of Compassion this night. A city that's been good to me in the past and a city that I've been away from for far too long. I walk through the streets, I check the houses for their lovely women, and I stealth amongst the spawn. Were the citizens hiding from some unknown foe? Were they busy with a glorious adventure of their own?

The citizens were no where to be found.

I cross the bridge to the north and pick up my first clue:

Murderers! Heathens! Unholy butchers!

They sacrificed the body, this once powerful beast. Someone was here, but not anymore. There was murder in the air, there was activity to be found! There was a secret being hidden here... and possible treasure to follow. The grey corpse tells me to look elsewhere, and so to the south, through the city once more.

(What's this?)

An elder healer!

But so far from safety?

I take it upon myself to warn him personally! Yes, it's true! I warn him of the dangers of the Cu Sidhe slaughtering hooligans.

Ah, you're in luck!

No, longer will you have to worry about your powder landing in the wrong hands where it'll be used for evil!


You're welcome! I thank thee! 'Twas my pleasure and good day!

I dash to the south, pleased with myself for executing my good deed for the day. And I run straight into another adventurer with need of my assistance.

"Help me! Help me! The red spawn is so overwhelming!" he yelps out, almost in tears.

"Sir! I apologize! I've already used my good deed for the day! I'm ashamed!"

"But my bag of teasure! The red spawn approaches! Whatever shall I do!?"

I pop open his pack and eyeball his dangerous stack of conflaguration potions.

I take a closer look, decide I may be of assistance after all, set my sights on his kryss, as he sits still and puts away his hit area bow.

I thank him for his assistance and make my move.

I return, he realizes my double cross, and doesn't look too happy.

I follow him close, the man with a bag full of treasure. (Treasure that's rightfully mine.)

But to get in close a second time to this red with a bag full of conflaguration and a hard on to see me dead would require my full attention.

And just as I'm about to make my move once more... I catch Missy Lacey of GBU out of the corner of my eye.

And riding a white Cu Sidhe no less!

I try to follow her to the north.

She runs and runs... and I realize she's not running from me. She spotted my kryss-less foe just as I spotted her and fled.


I head back to collect my jewelry.

I get in close.

I take one final step, am revealed to the world, and pop open his pack... but his bag of treasure is long gone.

*sad face*

Alas, tonight's adventure ends here. I take my powder of fortification and my new kryss and call it a day.

'Til next time!

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