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Episode 274: A funny house with equally funny people.

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Hail friends,

Back in the uninteresting trailer park of castles and keeps of North Minoc, I get word of Siege's latest IDOC (in a long line of Siege IDOCs), and the source of my latest tears of boredom. It was a small villa next to the mountain's edge and no one was there to loot its remains but me--


Ah, just another bored, wandering fool. False alarm. I'm sure there will be plenty of loot for the both of us. We both come in peace, we both are reasonable people, and we both just want to be left alone--


(They're multiplying!)

With Artful Dodger [GIL] on the back of the house, Sara Dale [GIL] making camp in front and to the left, Leawyn II [GIL] even farther to the left, and Yahaxithonix walking back and forth (out of boredom) to my right, it looked like we may have to be less civilized than I had planned. Any how, WaVy GrAvY, Enkil Visigoth, and Ash were all camping (yet another) IDOC near the Britain Moongate, and they had all kinds of playmates with the TnT/TNA alliance.

We divide our greedy paws and scout out both locations. Hopefully they'd both drop at the same time and the others would keep the TnT/TNA alliance busy while me and GIL picked this one clean.


We weren't so lucky. The tower falls first.

The others snatch a few minor artifacts and a couple minor treasures, but minutes would pass and this house was long past due.

Muley, Java, and Virgil Starkwell (and friends) soon pour out of their gates.


The house falls the the grand race for the... uh... loot... begins?

(Where did all the loot go?)

I trip over someone else, take a mind blast to the face, and soon give up on what little the house had to offer.

Enkil trips over someone else and (unintenionally) volunteers to be the decoy.

(For the greater good!)

Virgil quickly drops him, Anck casts an earthquake, and I get my fill of their packs.

(I see what I like.)

(I take what's mine.)

I reach for the scroll, the sash goes on, and there's nothing the blue brigade can do about it (especially when Virgil already went grey on Enkil which meant there was zero chance for me to do the same). And whenever it's me versus an underequipped blue brigade, I'll take my chances every time.

I drop it off at the nearest friendly keep and head back for more.

I leave them to filter through the house loot for me, but it wasn't meant to be.

(Non-stealable) blackrock, (worthless) bless jewelry, and... a 1000 Diamond Weddingband?

I should really know better. It's as non-stealable as the rock, but I'll be damned if I won't try every time until the Gods either put a "blessed" tag on it, or if they finally make it stealable. I test its stealability again, today.

"This item has no value to you."

*squints eyes*

(I'll be the judge of that.)

The TnT/TNA soon depart, the GIL never pop out of their shadows, and Yahaxithonix continues to track me as I track him right back. Back at the friendly keep, I call it a win.

I'd rather take a single scroll (donated by a single Virgil Starkwell) over an entire backpack full of ground scrolls from the collapsing house itself. A win? A minor win, but a win none-the-less.

'Til next time!

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