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Episode 275: The Recruits and The Mission

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Hail friends,

Enkil Visigoth: Astaroth wanted to join the guild.
Enkil Visigoth: He said he's a new thief.
Enkil Visigoth: I told him that recruitment was closed and he started crying like a little bitch.
Enkil Visigoth: I don't think he'd be a good candidate anyway.
Enkil Visigoth: He sounded like a 14 year old kid.
Chad Sexington: Guild infiltration scam at worst. Alternate Siege character of existing Siege guild at best.
Jareth: Probably.
Grey Mullet: Yeah, no kidding.


Astaroth, the gargoyle thief who trains on his pack llama around Minoc and Luna, looking for attention. As a fellow "thief" he gets that attention from the others in the guild. I sit back and observe.

No one trusts him.

A few days after the rejection, the pack horse and the odd looking gargoyle thief were gone. Soon after, Astaroth (the newbie) could be routinely spotted side-by-side with TnT members while wearing the finest of gear.


(I guess he's not so new after all.)

The Astaroth "attention and rejection" took place over two weeks ago and now today it all made sense...

Public Posting by Kael:
Is it true that M-D and TnT are merging?? I'm hearing that Native Canadian and Diablo just joined the guild hehe
Public Posting by Calibretto:
Bloody mary is Diablo. And Asaroth or however you spell it is Native Canadian.

But why would Native Canadian want to infiltrate my guild? It must have been something I said (or wrote!).

(This will require further investigation.)

Now in a good mood -- after Native Canadian's poor attempt at being sneaky was exposed -- I briefly open guild recruitment for a few thieves that have been lurking around the banks (and forums and voluntarily submitting episodes as guests). But recruitment was only open to the thieves that didn't give off a foul odor.

(Speaking of "unsneaky," why am I getting flashbacks of Yoink from Episode 034?)

(Good times.)

Corpse was one of those thieves.

And what-do-you-know, as luck would have it, our good friend Bloody Mary (a.k.a. Diablo of the scrubs) was also scurying about.

She runs in, runs out, and then runs back into the bank. Something wasn't right.

(I think she wanted our attention, but was too shy to ask.)

Bloody Mary: Vas Rel Por!

(Hm... Where was I?)

(Enkil says a lot of things.)

Corpse: What's this new test you speak of?

(Oh, you'll see.)

Back in town, I lead the way up the tower, and who do I find next door...?

Bloody Mary!

(After spotting us 3 at the bank, it looks like her destination was the same as ours.)

I send word and Enkil approaches the house.

--Err... he approaches a little less stealthily than I would have liked. But hey, it's his house, he can approach however he likes.


Enkil Visigoth: I ban thee.

I could finally turn my attention to less pressing matters.

He still wanted in...?

He's welcome to join but only after passing "The New and Improved Test!"


*clears throat*

*waits for response*

*observes closely for sincerity, perseverence, and conviction*

Accuracy? Impecible.

(And even copied my own typo...? Impressive.)

Corpse: Is that all? I thought this would be a challenge!
Chad Sexington: Nay!
Chad Sexington: First you'll have to complete "The Mission."

(What can I say? Recruitment becomes more strict as time goes on. It ripens with age.)

Chad Sexington: Steal something of value from either Asteroth or Bloody Mary.
Chad Sexington: Just remember, screenshots or it didn't happen.
Corpse: Suicide missions are my specialty, sir.

(I like his style.)

I open a gate to the bank and send the successful recruit after the failed recruit and I wouldn't have to wait long.

::A Few Minutes Later::

(What's this?)

(A Ruined Tapestry from the now defunct Halloween Event.)

"You at home?"

(You could say that.)

*cracks open book*

*examines evidence*

(The evidence is compelling and equally hilarious.)

But perhaps I'm giving Asteroth (and Bloody Mary) too little credit. After all -- being known scammers -- they still successfully infiltrated TnT... which is a "very good" attempt at being sneaky! It's also a scenario that I'm sure will end in many lost TnT items and even more TnT tears.

--Or perhaps Asteroth is as unsneaky as advertised and it's TnT's Recruitment Policy that I'm giving too much credit...?

(It's so hard to keep these things straight sometimes.)

Who am I kidding?

Native Canadian (and any other stupid alias he may use) is just the latest unsneaky foe in a long line of unsneaky foes. (Although... he is unsneaky and he can't pvp without cheating, so I suppose that makes him special.) He wasn't the first to attempt this (amateur) stunt and he definitely won't be the last.

Because through it all, one truth remains undeniable...



::Later That Day:

*squints eyes*

'Til next time!

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