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Episode 114: Armageddon in Magincia

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The place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil.

The flood gates of hell are open! The demon invasion is upon us! The end is nigh!


Magincia. The location of the latest in a long line of cataclysmic events that have befallen the great land of Sosaria.

(Gee, I wonder if we'll survive?)

"All signs point to 'No'." My magic 8 ball tells me. But I couldn't take that chance.

I arrive to find other valiant (and often color co-ordinated) warriors already having joined the fight. They bring with them nothing but their wits (and often very stylish sun glasses).

The Staff of Pyros. An orange hued and very valuable and much sought after treasure unique to this world ending scenario. They say it can't be stolen. They say you'll never have enough time to take it. Naturally, I'd go to prove them wrong... but to what end?

If the end of the world is as nigh as I think it is (and I think I know when a world's end is nigh when I see one), then a doomed stolen treasure is no treasure at all. I decide to go home, bring with me some stolen black rock, and try to speed up the process.

This is it. If this is the end.

There were so many more thing I wanted to accomplish. So many more things to steal. So many more treasures to take. So many more hearts to break...

...But I hate waiting for armageddon.

*grin* I shut my eyes and step forward. The blackrock I bring with me reacts with the black gate.

The black smoke engulfs me and I embrace my fate.






And then it recinds.

I open my eyes and there again I stand.


*pumps fist at the heavens*

(I guess I'll continue to steal until the day the world ends.)

But who to steal from? Who -- OH WHO -- could liven my spirits in my time of need??

The legendary x-fielder. The stealth avenger. He goes by many names and he's one that I've run into time and time again. And every time I snooped his pack I've only been met with a plethora of potions and an occasional alchemists' tool.


*gathers composure*

*gets to work*

ave-k VII dashes to the south and kill some time until he returns.

The others battle the demons and find nothing but their worthless cursed artifacts. I circle around the island, up, down, around, and back. And fate smiles upon me once again.

He does battle with the nearby balron and I watch closeby.

Back and forth. Around and back. He dances his dance and I dance mine.

Persistance pays off. An arcane shield.


...And then I look again.

A staff...? Orange...?? Is this the reason fate finds me here this day...???

Hm. Not the staff I was looking for, but a very fine staff indeed.

And while I'm busy mentally pleasuring myself the balron falls and ave-k zips to the north. I find him again. (And this time he wouldn't get away.)


I take this mystic staff for myself and despite my best efforts, the world keeps turning.

'Til next time!

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