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Episode 115: I love Trammies.

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Hail friends,

It's been a rough couple days. As failure upon failure, they start to pile up and begin to take their toll. Should I give up? Should I surrender?

--Am I all talk after all...?

Fear not! I already know the ending to this tale and I feel luckier already. Let me explain...

My failure at Fire Dungeon and with \R\ was still fresh in my mind. I decide to cheer myself up with a newly marked feluccan vendor rune.

I skip the formalities of recalling and announce my arrival in gate form.

(Why not?)

I look around and find the vendor owner checking and re-checking his goods.

I take another look at the house.


Ah, HorusHawk!

I know this one well. He's met the ugly end of my blade in the past, in this very house.

I approach from the west.

An insured butchers war cleaver.

My greedy fingers move to the pouch tucked away at the bottom.


--And it explodes in my face!

A trapped pouch. (I haven't seen one of those in years.)

With my cover blown, HorusHawk safely within the walls of his house, and with nothing to show for it, I decide to stick around anyway. (I was just getting started.)

A few others recall in before I can hide. They keep their distance and recall away.

I get in position.

Others come and go carrying with them nothing but the bare essentials. And then Mudd- appears and something catches my interest. An odd looking sculpture:

A 10th Anniversary Sculpture!



I go to Plan B and make contact with the local.

But as soon as I open my mouth, he runs back inside.

(Was it something I said?)

Useless! I wait around as a few others drop by. The stream of vendors shoppers slows as the fresh runes at the bank soon dry up. Another failure. I go home and decide to sleep it off. And for some reason the image of that sculpture lingers in my mind.

If not today, then maybe the next.

I sleep...

...I wake.

I reap the rewards of my recent stolen scrolls. It was time to re-stock. Off to Despise!

Oh, what murderous armies await my arrival? What treasures do have they prepared for me in anticipation of my presence?

"Kal Ort Por!"

Ah, the source of my latest woes. It was time to right my wrongs.

I approach from the east.

Baracoon was already down and nothing stands between me and Cuthred's pack. All but Atori Honzo jump the gate. Cuthred stands still, Atori Honzo picks up a few more gold, and no one suspects a thing.

I like those odds.

Nothing but tambourines.

He pops to life and they both follow their friends. I pick up 16k in gold pieces and follow right behind. With reds in Despise with gold in their packs, they had to go somewhere and it wasn't going to be Luna. I drop my gold off and do a whirlwind tour of the moongates hoping to catch one of them in the act.

I do.

I find Atori Honzo all alone at the Gate of Minoc.

He skips around the gate. Waiting for something? Whatever he was doing, I wouldn't have time to figure it out now. He runs in a circle. And then another.

...And then he comes to a halt two steps from the gate directly north.

I take a single step in his direction.


I am revealed and quickly hide again. He notices.

As he's busy self-congratulating himself at noticing my neon name flashing his screen (and not moving), I quickly sift through his belongings.

An "FL Slayer", some potions, some petals, and... a 10th Anniversary Sculpture!

I take it while he's busy running his mouth.

I love you too. ^^

Perhaps it's because he expected me to run away from him in fear. Perhaps because it's because his ego was blinding him so. (Or perhaps it's because he talks too much.) But with a 1 stone sculpture and his own body blocking his own view, I wasn't going anywhere.

I steal it and I wait.

I wait while he still thinks I'm hiding.

I wait until I can hide again.

Atori still has no idea of what he's missing while I check the rest of his belongings.

"come out i wont hurt u" he says as I stand there, outside the shadows, visible to the world. And then it hits me...

What if he was legally blind? Perhaps Atori also had a genetic predisposition for uncontrollable smack talking (that he can't back up) in public places! Perhaps he was truely of the mentally handicapped!? (I'm not one to poke fun at the true breeds.)

Oh, what a fool I've become!

I emote to him my deepest apologies and get back to work.

The blue wraith Danaca recalls in and dashes to the gate. I pop open her pack just to see a gimpse of a 110 scroll in the bottom left of her pack. A 110 scroll covering much more valuable scrolls beneath no doubt as Atori already warned her of my presence. (No doubt.).

It seems Danaca was playing blue protector. (Good to know.)

They both jump the gate and out of my life.

But it matters not!

They say these sculptures can temporarily increase your luck and fetch up to 500k on the open market, but I think I'll keep this one for myself. I go home and find a quiet corner to place my new found prize.

I feel luckier already. ^^

"I love trammies."


For thy donation, I thank thee.

For picking on the handicapped, I apologize.

'Til next time!

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