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Episode 116: When Packies Attack!

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Hail friends,

A strange morning. "A successful failure." I'm sure that's what they'll say.

Was it something in the air? Was it something I said? Or was it Fate casting her shadow and just fucking with this very curious thief. When packies come calling I just can't resist...

I wake an find Enrico Vega with his trusty pack llama at Luna Bank with something else that catches my eye.

A Crimson Cincture, a bag with 111 items inside, a pair of very nice jewels, and a top of the line pvp mage suit!

(That's not a very secure place to store such treasures.)

He recalls away and leaves the llama behind to prepare for their journey. I do the same.

I come back and Enrico returns with a second llama. He begins emptying the inner pack.

An entire llama filled with insured, Barbed Runic Kit quality, leather armor! I check my own stock of gold, check how many items are in my own pack, and the game is afoot. He leads the money train to the stairs with me two steps behind.

In to the inn we go and I hear those magic words:

"Vas Rel Por!"

The plan was simple:

Jump the gate as soon as it opens, infectious strike the llama, shuriken Enrico, and loot like I've never looted before! First go for the bag of 100 items, then the jewels, then anything I can get my grubby hands on. Take, take, and take some more while he cures his poison and then turns his attention towards me. Continue looting until he slays me, let his own insurance kick in, watch him laugh over my dead corpse, resurrect at the nearest healer to find the armor still secure in my pack, and live happily ever after!


Of course... this would only work if his gate was marked just far enough from safety or if he stopped to smell the roses.

Only one way to find out. I step through the gate...

...and they're just out of my reach!


I find myself in Northern Minoc. I stick around a few moments longer, but it's much too late for me.

Enrico recalls away and leaves his packies behind. (Back to the bank.)

And Blitzgrieg and Odess of 300 come running in the bank... towing packies of their own.

I barely have enough time to check their packs before Elrond and a pair of two more packies appear upstairs.

(What's with all the packies?)

I stick around and finally find something to my liking. Commodity deeds with up to 5000 of each reg!

(That's not a very secure place to store such treasures.)

I wait...

...and wait...

...and then there it is:

"Vas Rel Por!"

Blue Gate.

(False alarm.)

And just as I'm about to call it a complete failure, Santa Clause comes running up with a packy of his own.

With seven pack horses and one pack horse loving thief around, this had to be more than coincidence! Every time I try and cry "Fail!" another packy is thrown in my face. Something was coming. Something was keeping me here for a purpose.

I decide to stick around and see it to the end.

Santa Clause takes his packy to the moongate and waits by the wall. Was this a sign for things to come? Did he have some friends with treasure filled pockets waiting for him at the other end of one of these gates?? I had to know! I scour the feluccan gates and into the feluccan towns. I search and search with nothing to be found.

I turn to the bank and find the answer to the riddle.

Enrico was gone.

(A second chance perhaps?)

I knew where he was going but I had failed to mark a rune earlier. I pop open my runebook and find an old run marked for Dainty Bardington.

Ah, Dainty Bardington. Now there only lay the ruins of a once great city of bards. A nobler time. A simpler time. A time where the only thing you had to watch out for was your asshole.


Past the stables I go to my destination and perhaps I can finally put an end to this tale.

(What's this?)

I get into position.

--And find not one, but two small pieces of blackrock!

I equip my assassin's spike, mount my steed, wait her Snannon to recall in once more.

And I claim the blackrock for myself!

I thank Enrico for starting me on this journey, I thank the packies for keeping me on the hunt, and I thank the queer bards of Dainty Bardington for leading me in the right direction.

Ah, 'tis funny how Fate makes her mark.

(And maybe next time Fate can lead the money train just a little bit further from safety...)

*angry face*

'Til next time!

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