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Episode 118: Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

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Hail friends,

A book?

"Caledra Firehair" it's labeled.

What kind of dastardly tales lay inside? Could it be recent troop deloyments of the local warring guilds? Could it be the secret codes to a stash of 120 power scrolls?

I peek inside.


A "Thank You" note for your "good friend" leaving you behind?

You make me sick.

It's authored by Morrighan who is standing by my side. I eyeball her in disguist as I roll up my sleeves.

*takes out pen*

A message interrupts me.

"Hail." I say to Honda Powered as I make my edits to the Thank You note for my own evil purposes.

Chad Sexington: 'Tis a secret.
Honda Powered: mmmm

I finish my edits.


What? Did he think I was Silverfox? Was he friends with him?

Silverfox is another thief on the Pacific shard who has also made a name for himself. The wheels in my head start turning. (How could they not?)

Chad Sexington: Yes, I'm Silverfox.
Chad Sexington: ^^
Honda Powered: No, you're not. You would have told me in icq.
Chad Sexington: My icq is broken.
Honda Powered: uhmm.
Chad Sexington: How else would I get it all blessed?

::Caledra Firehair enters stage left and reads the book on the floor::

Honda Powered: Considering you just messaged me when he was, I know it's not.
Chad Sexington: I am discovered!

It was time for another approach.

::Caledra continues reading note::

Honda Powered: Uhh sure.

Maybe I've been doing it all wrong. Why didn't someone tell me it was this easy?

::Caledra exits stage right in tears::

Caledra leaves and I doubt she's going to fel. She better watch out. I hear Morrighan wants to murder her.


'Til next time!

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