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Episode 119: Accepting candy from strangers. (Part 1 of 4)

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Hail friends,

I spot a peach on the ground of the bank of Luna and decide to have some fun.

Now to find a victim with taste for the sweeter things in life. I take my time and travel to some of the empty cities.

(What's this?)

Not what I was looking for, but it'll do.

I check the nearby area, track any potential invisible beetle owners, and when I'm satisfied that I'm all alone I figure I wouldn't have much time.

Stumbling and bumbling in pain, I lead it away as best I could. Oh, what treasure lay inside its treasure filled carapace?

I take a look.

5000 Cut Cloth!



"5000 Cut cloth...?" I question myself. "5000 Free Cut Cloth" I correct myself.

I leap frog the 500 stones of free cloth to the bank on the other side of town as fast as I could. (The tailor would be along shortly.)

Lord Druce!

Ah, it's been much too long! We've crossed pathes before in the streets of Britain many months ago... and both himself and his beetle got a good chuckle, laughing over my guard whacked body.

With the beetle down, there was only one more thing to do to return the favor.

Lord Druce recalls away. I get into position and clusily drop my peach on the ground.

He returns...

...and ignores my tastey treat and runs off to the north towards the moongate. I follow as close behind as I can, but he doesn't break stride and escapes through the gate.


I go back, pick up the peach, dust it off, and use the gates to check the other tailor shops and try to catch him in the act. (With another full beetle?)

Getting someone to accept my treat was going to be harder than I thought.


What's this?

The Illustrious Durlanth, Grandmaster Healer busy beating on his golem just outside of city limits and its town guards.

I take a closer look.

I take the free bracelet, watch him side-step periodically, see nothing else uninsured but some bandages and muffins, and decide that my tastey peach is the best course of action.

(Who doesn't like a tastey peach?)

I wait for him to take the bait (or at least wonder which tree this tastey peach fell from)...

...but he side-steps again and ignores my treat.

It was time for something new. I return home to pick up a prop and return to test my acting skills.

Illustrious Durlanth, Grandmaster Healer: ummmm
Illustrious Durlanth, Grandmaster Healer: How do I do that?

I get into position next to him and wait for him to move.

Illustrious Durlanth, Grandmaster Healer: Well, here's the deal.


My screenshots betray me!

(The illustrious grandmaster healer claims he's only been playing 2 weeks but his title says otherwise. A lie? Or a half-truth...?)

With my identity blown, I decide to offer him a tastey treat.

Illustrious Durlanth, Grandmaster Healer: I might be new but I'm not a dumbass. =)


I leave with some other plan in mind, but decide on simplicity instead. I return and admit my evil intentions. Where did I go wrong? Why do I play with people's emotions...?

A peace offering.

And don't tell me it tastes bad. It's made with love.

(I look forward to looting his body... and maybe he'll have some better jewelry by then.)

'Til next time!

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