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Episode 120: Accepting candy from strangers. (Part 2 of 4)

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Hail friends,

While yesterday's muffins might have spread a little joy, I still never got "the money shot." That same money shot that turns me on in all the right ways. I never saw my victim writhing in pain. I never got to hear the screams that sing me to sleep at night.

My tactics were sound, but perhaps I was using the wrong bait?



*cracks knuckles*

Ah, the Christmas present from the UO Gods. I'm a few weeks too late to spread real holiday joy, but they'll do. (I always knew they would come to good use some day.) And with a Christmas stalking full of holiday treats... where to find my next holiday-loving, candy-munching, low-poison-resist-having, money-shot-needing do-gooder?

New Haven, of course!

I double check my bag of tricks, grab a new bottle of lube, and march into the Town of Ameteurs.

Hm. No one around. I decide to amuse myself (and put up an act in case any ameteur stealthers were wandering about) and kill the time by slaying some skeletons with my dull blade.

(What's this?)


I tuck away my dagger, take out my spellbook, and put on the act...

...I didn't have to wait long.

Blue corpses around and someone skittering about closeby.


I'm but a poor mage in need of reagents. I ask... and I receive 10! A very nice gesture from a very nice ninja. I return the very nice favor.

"No ty."


Who DOESN'T enjoy candy?

I leave him be (for now) as he watches and follows me shadow jumping around as I slay more skeletons. He speaks.

Fiasco: May I ask you something...

Chad Sexington: I'm doing some testing.

Yeah, I'm doing "testing." ^^

I move on to the next poor soul that wanders by.

(Tom gallups into frame.)

(Then how will I thank you with candy?)

(Oh, that's how.)

(This time I pile the candy into the same trade window as the Valentine's Day card.)

I wait...

(He doesn't bite.)

Tom looks left out, so I offer some to him as well (as Fiasco is still fascinated by me and shadow jumps around).

I skip around the corner, hide, and return. Tom throws his ginger bread man & candy cane on the floor and gives in to his temptations!


A job well done! A plan finally comes to fruition! A victory among victories!

(I unzip my pants and take out my camera.)


A sufficient dose of poison fails to penetrate his body. He smacks his lips as he scarfs his food and is hopelessly lucky as he drinks in my pain. He dodges not one -- but two -- attempts at his life.

I toss the rest of the contents of my bag on the floor between their location and the New Haven bank. Tom rides past and Fiasco eventually scoops it up. (So he did want candy after all...? Don't be shy.)

I hang my head and zip up my pants.

My test results seem to be inconclusive.

(More data is required.)

'Til next time!

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