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Episode 113: \R\ vs. THIEF

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The act of rising from the dead.

I wake from my slumber and decide to start the night off in the City of Delucia. What a night it would be.

...Someone else had the same Idea.

Through the tunnels I go, check the cliff on the edge of town for potential miners, get to the center of town, and find my foes (unbeknownst to them).

The Death Seeking Thrillers! Me against an entire guild. I accept your challenge!

If it's 'death' you seek, I am willing to ablige!

I circle around counter clock-wise, use the hut as cover, and take a closer look.

(I didn't have much time.)

An insured yumi. Nothing to steal. Not even the key. And before I can seal the deal with the others, these dogs are off to do a "peerless." (Whatever that is.)


Alone again.

Will no guild dare oppose me? Are there no other very wealthy adventuerers who seek death as strongly as I?? ...


I return the next day.

Exclamation marks tantalize my senses (and an equal amount of question marks cock-block my judgement).

My paws scoop up 150k in gold pieces and I take a trip down memory lane to the surrounding champion spawns. Was DST on the prowl? Who where these people who were so wealthy that they couldn't pick the gold up themselves so close to town?

I head north and find an empty alter.

The puzzle continues and the night is young.

From the spawns to the north to the Dungeon of Destard, through the sparkles I go and end up in Terathan Keep. I enter the Star Room and all the pieces fall into place. The empty spawns, the leftover gold, and the scent of blood in the air... the Star Room answers all:


Time stands still when the shackles of The Harrower come calling. It's time to set him free. (Or something equally cryptic and over-written, as it were. *sticks nose in the air*)

I step through the gate.

Fire Dungeon. (A dungeon that I've gotten to know intimately.)

I take to my wolfen form and trot my ass right into danger with my tail and head held up high. My ears and whiskers were perky. And my anus was proundly on display.

Ah, so it would be NERD and \R\ (and a lone HWM) that provided the entertainment this evening.

(Let the games begin.)

The name of the game was leap frog. The Stat Scrolls were the prizes, I was the frog, NERD was the competition, and \R\ was the obstacle getting in the way.

The door to the lich lords was the first challenge. I circle around to the south.

NERD makes they move before I do and a poison field blocks my way!

NERD gets pushed out and twice as many \R\ give chase.

"Your tactics are flawed, your vision is bleak, and your presense offends me personally!" I think to myself as I slip through the shadows.


Now was my chance! Now was my chance to mark my position at the alter! Now, while both armies were occupied and while nothing stood in between myself and those mouth watering scrolls!


How many people did they have? I find myself face-to-face with twice as many \R\ and just as many poison fields. Step-by-step. Tile-by-tile. The fields rise. The fields fall. The countless \R\ patrol the grounds and I take my time and choose my steps carefully.

The fields in the back begin to drop, a lone \R\ dashes through (to reinforce the reserve army?), and I make my move...

...and I am revealed!

Where was NERD? Where was the lone HWM?? Where was my much needed distraction???

With only two \R\ on screen, I duck back into the shadows unnoticed, and it seems there would be no distraction in the near future. It was just me versus their whole damn army.

I step to the side and weigh my options.



I got it.

For reasons that must be part of their own dastardly, super secret (evil) plans, they set one of their only blues on field duty.

It was a little too easy. It must be a trap.

I wait...


...and wait...

...and I make my move.

Fields to my left, fields to my right, still more \R\ to my front, and an open backpack next to me with an "owned by" talisman inside.


I look again.

An "owned by" talisman whose name doesn't match its owner!

The blue lich continues casting his blue fields, bumps into the invisible thief, and casts his blue earthquake.

I step to the side and leap frog just a little further. And now the tricky part.

Seven more \R\. (And the majority of them red.)

I decide on patience, peek into a few packs, watch the patern of fields, and wait for my much needed distraction that never comes.

Their ability to field was very good, but it wasn't perfect. This last hurdle is in my way and I didn't come here for nothing. (Life is over-rated anyhow.)

The unholy bridge blocked my powers of shadow jumping (it's a feature!). I've waited long enough.

The plan was simple:

Wait on the left side of the bridge where the fields seems weakest, prep a shadow jump at the ready, test the auto reveal of the dozen \R\ running back and forth across the bridge, test the auto reveal of the half-dozen \R\ on the other side of bridge, time my movment to find that sweat spot in between fields, step off the bridge, target my jump beyond the fields, and pray to the Shadow Jumping Gods that I target a tile that allows the jump to resolve. (Ready?)


Just as my move, one of their minions notices the falling fields on the far side the bridge. I step north, he runs south, and bumps into this very innocent thief!

"In Vas Por!" he yells outward.

"It wasn't me!" I yelp onward.

My life dips and I become revealed. The plan fails and my dreams are crushed. They proceed to prep multiple Earthquakes and Meteor Swarms to fell this very innocent (and equally handsome) thief.

I slip out of the fire... but it was all for naught.


Where were my saviors (a.k.a. distractions)? What was taking them so...?

I scout back to the door and find that they've made no progress. I fall back to Plan B. The talisman would be mine.

The reds have spilt out across the bridge and the floor was lit up once again. Spider joins the fielding duty and I watch closeby. I swap on my Ferret Form talisman (my favorite talisman) and find myself one tile too far.

I wait a little longer and he comes to me.

I lick my lips, reach out my paws, take the talisman, run like hell, dodge the barrage of flamestrikes and obscenities as I slip through the festering \R\ and small band of NERD who still fail to penetrate the defenses, and I laugh my ass all the way home!

--Or at least I would have if I wasn't blind enough to notice that you can only steal older talisman who didn't have insividual 'Blessed' tags in addition to their 'Owned By' tags!


The Earthquakes come again and I take two to the face, am revealed, but still stand. The combination of my very tiny body and the very tall fields mask my presence and I dodge the Explosion / Flamestrike killing blow.

I snoop around and wait for the remaining NERD to make one more push.


It seems it was not my night. It seems that there are some things that even I can't accomplish...

*sticks nose up own anus*

I let loose the caged Lich Lords just to ammuse myself...

...And I make my exit through the battle that has spilt out beyond the doors, through the tunnels, and all the way to the docks.

(No wonder they never came.)

It seems the 150k in gold would be my only consolation prize.

*sad face*

With no distraction on my competition's part, no kills on \R\'s part, and no treasure on my part (and no others from my own guild), I wipe my hands of this and call it even. Today was not to be the day.

Round 1: Draw

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