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Episode 162: I'm a ninja and you can be one too.

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Hail friends,

Some say to live a life as a thief doesn't take any skill at all. They say it's all just luck. They say all you're doing is walking up to someone, taking something, and walking away.

I say you make your own luck!

I say, to become a successful thief you have to put yourself into positions to become lucky... and I intend to do it tonight!

After having an embarrassingly hard time side-stepping the banker and a single wooden box on the ground, I get up the stairs and barely make it through the gate before it drops.

I find myself in front of a suspiciously small house plot in a wide-open field just north west of Umbra... but where was the mage?

A puzzle...?

(A challenge!)

*puts on detective hat*

*snoops around*

Death of TO comes running in front the north.

(Running like he has something worth stealing from his beetle?)

::The Plot Thickens::

(Who's this?)

In the safety of his very small plot, Xeroth appears out of nowhere and attacks the beetle...

...and brings the fun.

The legendary mage gives chase and the hunt is on!

Down to the main road and in front of one of Xeroth's safe houses. (He doesn't know this yet, but I've tracked him here before. Between this house and the house down the road back towards Umbra, he had many options.)

Up and down the roads, they battle back and forth and leave me in the dust.

They don't even sit still long enough for me to snoop.

Another Sinner arrives...

,,,and runs off in the wrong direction.

The Sinner goes east, I go west, Death and Xeroth exchange blows, and Burden's Rise finally catches up.

(Maybe now they can finish this game and give me the opportunity I deserve!)

I spot some barrels and stop for a moment.

I find nothing interesting but maybe that was the plan! I fell for the distraction and had some catching up to do.

I slip through the ally on the house's side and Xeroth falls into a trap of my own.


This one was running on the bare essentials... but what about the others? Death flashes to the north west, Xeroth backs his way out of the ally (a little confused why he couldn't pass), and I make my way back to the open field and the very small plot.

A suspicious pile of bandages and an even more suspicious dead animal corpse.

(This was not going to end well.)

(I see right through you.)

Unsuccessful at felling one of his two persuers, Death returns home... and brings the fun once more.

They double team the legendary mage!

(I move in.)

And I snoop the wrong one!

(They look so similar.)

They fail to drop the legendary mage a second time (or was this the third), and the hunt is on once more.

I catch up to find them both on foot, neither one relenting. (And neither do I.)

The beetle finally drops but I find nothing stashes inside.


In was seems to be an inexhaustable amount of reagents and other fun toys at his disposal, Death must be carrying all kinds of treasures.

I set my sights on him next.


Xeroth goes in for the kill, Burden's Rising was nowhere to be found (re-stocking equipment...? Or possibly running in the wrong direction), and Death is somehow able to summon his ethereal steed!

(It wouldn't be much longer now.) I stay close.

Xeroth tries to use Death's toy against him... but fails.

And there it is.

I wait.

If the Sinners dropped Death, it would've been a different story. A lootin' and runnin' would've been in order. But this was a mobilie fight and it wasn't going to change now.

I stay close.

The fight continues over the corpse.

The fight continues away from the corpse.

The fight continues down the road to the east and I get to work.

I'd have time.

I take everything but the arrows and take my first look at my goods this night.

I find a fine ninja outfit crafted by a legendary tailor -- free armor! (The best kind!)

Not as exciting as I hoped it would be, but it'll do.

(Especially considering what I'm wearing currently.)

Death returns and finds his well earned loot has been swindled!

(He senses a pest nearby.)

I head down the road to the bank, watch Death as he passes me by, and find Xeroth re-equip and heading back into the fight!

(That was quick.)

What's better than one ninja outfit? Two, of course!

I search and search...

(...and search and search and search.)

I finally spot a clue but am now faced with a difficult decision:

Was he coming or going? Was this an incoming magical gate where the best course of action would be to wait for my ninja suit wearing victims would come to me? Or was this an out going magical gate, thus giving me limited time to continue my persuit??

The gate was on the same spot it was before.

I wait.

No one comes.

*sad face*

I try to track my new best friends.

They've left me all alone.

*lonely face*

I decide to head back to Barter Town. (The Town of Thieves!)

I find A Blind Man stealthing around the stealthable tower and I tell him the good news.

He's happy to hear it.

(It think.)

(What? It was just laying there. Oh yeah, and Xeroth's dead body too.)

(But that's not important.)

I'm unsure if he's talking about his own studded armor or some AIDS.

I nod and smile and casually make my way out the door.

(I wasn't about to wait around to find out.)

Ah, these resists will serve me well in the coming days.

'Til next time!

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