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Episode 239: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 11 of 12)

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Hail friends,

5 and a half months passed... and for no good reason. Gilfane stopped showing up for their regularly scheduled donation. Unlike the first long stretch of time, this time I had the skillset to handle myself properly. This stretch was forced and was unwelcome.

And here you thought the delight of the yellow robed corpses was clouding my judgement. Here you thought I received more pleasure from killing my own recruits than to see this journey through to the end. Shame on you.

(Apology accepted.)

I'd show up for our regularly scheduled dates...

...and they'd stand me up over and over again.

(I got dressed up for nothing.)

At first I thought it was a fluke. I thought maybe I opened my mouth one too many times. Maybe I've been betrayed! Maybe I have snitches amongst me! And maybe the fault wasn't on my end at all. Maybe they just changed their spawning schedule, due to the *misplacement* of too many scrolls. Whatever it was, I start checking the Abbey at different times of the day, multiple times a week. When that failed, I'd put on my spawn checking boots only find early morning, empty champion alters littering the landscape.

What that it? Was this the end?

And just like that, they're back... but not really.

I only catch a glimpse of outgoing gates; not enough to sink my teeth into.

They're teasing me. They're testing me...?

Whatever was going on, the first thing I do is throw away my notes. They were useless now.

Again and again, I'm either one minute too late or looking for something more.

And then, I get it.

I had accomplished at that needed to be accomplished here. I just wasn't applying myself anymore. Something was up and I should've been able to figure it out, but it just wasn't any longer. I got the 120s I was looking for. I was given the license to murder my yellow-robed friends without a hint of regret. (You should try it some time.) And I was stock piling 115s like it was nobody's business. I had bested an entire guild for over a year, beginning on my very first days in a brand new land. This had gone on long enough. I was taking the next 120 I saw and was going to take everyone else down with me.


Truth be told, there is yet one other sub-plot I've failed to mention until now. A few months earlier I decided to weild the power of my collection in new and exciting ways.

Public Posting by Fanta of WCB (friend of Gilfane):
The MallasMall auctions will now be held weekly
Saturdays starting at 6pm (eastern states time)
Contact Fanta/Tangab in game or send an icq if you would like to sell items
Each week there is a lottery of 500k+!
Hope to see you all there!

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
2 Questions:
1) Is stealing from a thief still stealing?
B) Can I trust you?
3) Do you take a cut?

Public Posting by Fanta of WCB:
I would hope everyone can trust me!
Yes please stealing from a thief is still stealing! there is no stealing allowed at the auction and if anyone is caught with there hands in someone's else pockets its an immediate BAN!
also for anyone that would like to sell its a 10% cut of the profit!

You heard him folks, "Stealing from a thief is still stealing!" and in a strange (and sexy) turn of events, I'm counting on their noble nature to aid me in my quest... for sweet, sweet blood money.

I meet Fanta at his place and hand over (yet another pair of) 120 Chivalry and 120 Focus power scrolls to be put up for auction. If he wasn't to be trusted to steal from a thief, I didn't want to test the waters with the other, more expensive scrolls. These scrolls were from the Abbey and they'll suffice for this experiment. In essence, I'm handing back their own scrolls to be put up for sale through their own in-house auction. I do this to eventually get back 90% of their own profit. (I also do this just to see if they'd notice.)

The auction would either go off without a hitch and net me some bloody profits or I'd be down a pair of cheap 120s and Fanta would be-smirch his own honor in the process. (Of course, there's a third option; Fanta might sense a hint of trickery in the air and determine the scrolls were obtained by not-so-honorable means. He might also confirm his suspisions by tracking down similar missing scrolls from the morning alliance log books. He might then laugh at both me and my not-so-sneaky plan.)

I couldn't attend the auction myself, but I hear things went well. I get another message from Fanta:

Private Message from Fanta of WCB:
Sorry the chivalry and focus only sold for 50k. There just isn't much demand for them.


...but perhaps this was one sub-plot too many. Just 1 more month and it would all be over.

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