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Episode 196: I'm a ninja and don't you forget it. (Part 3 of 3)

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Hail friends,

I've been thinking about today's adventure for 2 weeks now.

(And it didn't disappoint.)


The name sounds familiar, but I don't think I've stolen from her yet.

(We'll have to fix that.)

The truth is, I shouldn't even be here today. I was out looking to see how Alex Town was doing. I was going to drop by and see if any of the lovely ladies were having trouble moving their furniture and/or riches and had planned on asking them if they needed a helping hand. I started west out of Umbra, past the Orc Fort, through the Broken Mines, and now heading north (well into enemy territory).

I went out looking for ALEX and all I found was Stardust... and it looks like she brought a friend.

(They'll have to do.)

Stardust heads inside to do the whole meet & greet.

What to do? What to do?


How's about I march right inside the public house...?

There's a bag on the ground.

I check it from afar.

Locked down.


I stop and think and watch them walking in my direction!

I barely escape detection as they pour out onto the streets. They take their time and move slowly.

(What were they up to?)

There was no heavy spawn in which to farm. There were no riches to be had. Unless they were going mining (which I doubt) they looked like they were just on the move to another house. The Gilfane territory was a huge expanse, but still... I'd have to act quickly.

I line up just to the side of Sara Dale's path.


She walks right past and all I spot are a few piles of gold, some very weak armor, and a mystery pouch holding 2 items.

They slowly move south and I keep pace.

What to do? What to do?

They pause occasionally, to start walking around each other in circles... failing their Stealth occassionally.

What if I just...?

They wouldn't fall for it... would they?

(They would!)

I don't know exactly what their destination was, but they were plotting and moving and stoping and circling, slowly they moved south. I head them off with them Tracked behind me. And just out of visual range and I set the trap.

I stand back.

Sara Dale comes into view first. She walks up and spots the crate.

"What's this?"

"Why is AEowyn's crate precariously lying on the side of the road?" is what she should have asked herself.
"Fucking Chad. Get a life." is what she should have said.

(She doesn't.)


The explosion was magnificent and her corpse lay on the ground with her breasts pointing skyward. (So inviting!)

I go in and Stardust stops and stares at the horror from a short distance.

(I dive in.)

Half-way into looting her dead friend (there was so much!), to my surprise she shouts out an incantation:


Surprisingly, she summons a swarm of insects to attack me! It looks like I was going to get some action after all.

(A random Vampire Bat also decides to attack.)

I throw a shuriken and let her share my pain.

I stay and loot just a little too long and find myself red lined against the pair of critters.

I make it out of the frey just in time.

I hide, return, and watch the beauty of everything I've created this day.

"Sorry Chad I forgot."

I'm sorry too.


(But it was meant to be!)

A few "In Vas Mani!"s later, with the help of shuriken to the bat, the the coast was clear to loot to my heart's delight.

It takes surprisingly long.

(There was so much!)


(Where was the back-up anyway?)

My pack is over-flowing with two corpses full of loot and there was still more to grab.

Sara Dale still hovers about. (Maybe the calvalry was on the way after all?)

I step to the side, watch her from a distance, and wait for whomever else wanted to crash my party.

She runs south.

(She's easy to follow.)

Down through the Gilfane alleys and back up to the embarrassing looking corpses.

Surion Silvrmoon!

Another name that sounded familiar but this time... I'm sure I've stolen from him before! ^^

Surion Shouts out...

"In Vas Por!"
"In Vas Por!"
"In Vas Por!"

...and dismounts his mighty steed before attempting a resurrection.

I move in closer instead of running away.

(Silly blue.)

A pair of mediocre jewels.


(I'll take it.)

I take it and run north along the road. With Surion courteous enough to dismount for me, I was in little danger.

I was victorious! I was successful!


I wasn't alone!


(What's this!?)

Hef of TO, HugiBear (of who knows what), and Squid Wakayama of K0C speed down the road (in that order) while I'm going up. But was it 2 running away from 1 or was it 1 running away from 2?

It was too hard to tell, but one thing was for certain... things weren't looking good for the GIL down the road!


Those 2 go north, Sara Dale went to Chaos, and two others went south.


Do I risk everything I've gained? Do I let my greed get the best of me?? Do I give in to my worst temptations???

(I do!)

As much as I love danger, this had "Death Trap" written all over it.

It didn't take a tracker to figure out there was at least 1 (possibly 2+) hiders waiting to pounce on very innocent thieves who are too curious for their own good!


I leave the Luna leftovers to fight over themselves. I turn around and take the long march over the bridge and back to the bank.

--Or at least I would have if I didn't lock up!

Literally for 20 seconds, I lock up! For 20 seconds, the black magic takes ahold of me! For 20 seconds, I was at their mercy.

*crosses fingers in hopes I re-gain control before anyone shows up*


I'm not that lucky!


All I see is a flash of a conflagration potion behind me and then on top of me. I don't even see the shuriken thrown or hit, but by the time I re-gain the use of my body, the poison had already set in and whatever else happened didn't really matter now.

(Not now.)

My pack was filled with everything I'd earned, my life was dropping, my blood was poisoned, explosion pots were being dropped all around me and Coyote Jack of K0C was on my ass and wanted my head!

I forgot my orange petals, but remembered my smoke bombs. They'd have to do.

They were enough to get away from the Coyote, but not even to get away from the poison. I was still in enemy territory and needed to make as much distance as possible. I break my stealth and go full speed ahead to find a quiet corner.

Far to the north and to the west and into the Crumbling Continent, I fail to cure my poison. I find myself red-lined for the second time today. I just hope no one finds my corpse in time for my return.

The poison fades away just in time.


I think I've tested my luck enough this day. (Don't you?)

I head back to the bank and reap the spoils of war.

In total, at the conclusion of this adventure that began 2 weeks ago, the loot included:
  • A nice 100% LRC suit.
  • Free Jewels and Armor
  • Nearly 3 sets of runic and not-so-runic armor.
  • Quiver Full of Arrows
  • Jewels, scrolls, bandages, lockpicks, talismen, gold, and bolas.
  • Hundreds and Hundreds of Regs
  • Sweet ironic revenge, making full use of AEowyn's copy-cat crate on her own guild.

'Til next time!

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