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Episode 226: Unlikely Treasures in my Old Stomping Grounds

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Hail friends,

The Treasures of Tokuno event was back and far be it for me to miss out on the fun.

The "Sleeping Dragon Tokuno Champion Spawn" sounds like a hot spot, but what do I know of sleeping dragons? I've visited Semidar, Neira, Mephitis, Rikktor, Lord Oaks, Barracoon, and even the Harrower in the past, but what do I know of Tokuno champs?

(I've only ever been to Tokuno a handful of times, mostly with little success.)

I decide to scout around in my old stomping grounds of Napa Valley to see the ins-and-outs of this new champion spawn for myself.

Now in the innocent lands of Napa -- virgin lands, if you will.

Here within the safety of Trammel I observe the locals and "participate" in the slaying of the vile reptile. Here I string up my bow and shoot arrow after arrow side-by-side with the Trammel lovers. I gather as much intel on the strengths and weakness (and hider revealing attacks) as I can. And then I look to the coast.

(What's this?)

*reaches for the padlock on the plank*


For me? You shouldn't have.

And there it is; A model of the H.M.S. Cape!

It might not fetch as much gold as it would have in the past, but it's one of the rarest of artifacts carried by Leviathan!

I help myself to the rest.

(Lady Vintage, you're too kind.)

Ah, such is life. Wouldn't it be quaint to live in a world where boat planks can be left unlocked and the only rules of the world is the "honor system"? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to live in such idealistic, blissful ignorance.

Wouldn't it be nice?

In my attempt to get a better perspective on the Siege side of things through Napa's looking glass, it's nice how things work out sometimes. And then, I go home...

...of course, after going home, I bank my treasure and I come straight back. With Lady Vintage's rude awakening, she wouldn't be living in blissful ignorance for much longer. In fact, if my instincts were right (and they usually are), she'd come full circle, away from blissful ignorance and straight into an ignorance of false security. She'd return to find her ship's hold empty and remember to lock the plank this time, not bothering to dry dock and re-place the boat. (The plank was locked after all.)

I head straight back and before she can return I hide myself on the ship and wait for Lady Vintage to begin re-supplying her very secure boat.

I go off to sleep and wake more than a few times. And each time I wake, regardless of the locked planks, I check the ship's hold. I help myself to some of the lesser valuables and call it a day.

Good day.

'Til next time!

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