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Episode 148: I need gold. Yes, your gold.

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Hail friends,

With the help of a pair of present and former thieves, I nab myself a Burgler's Bandana, some Shadow Dancer Leggings, and continue the grind. (It's been a while since I've had to train from scratch.)

Tonight I find myself in the bank of Vesper...

...and I'm already bored.

Driving myself crazy, Hiding in place, Stealthing in circles and Detecting tiny crates, I start climbing the walls, go out for some air and I never go back.

Not tonight.

I'm barely out of the city limits and over the western bridge before my limitations start staring me in the face.

But where to go?

It's about time I familiarize myself with this place and get a lay of the land (and mark anything of interest for further usage). Tonight it would be from Vesper to Britain all on the power of my tiny rabbit legs.

Already at the crossroads and I find nothing but a few vendor houses that I'll have to come back and check out later.

I continue to the south, fail to stealth in the swamp, double time it out of there and find myself walking through the eastern entrance to Britain in no time.

I take a look around.

Between the mage and blacksmith shops, I've yet to find a soul.

I pass the entrance to the True Brits and get my first glimmer of hope.

(Maybe tonight's adventure won't be a complete wash.)

Red Riding Hood zips past me, I follow and try to get her on tracking...

...but she's just out of reach.

I circle around, up and down, but all I find is Calibretto of Gil perched on a rooftop... out of my reach.

The End...?




I may just be running around as a rabbit with 83 Hiding and 70 Stealth, I might only have 64 Stealing even if I find anyone worth Stealing, and I might be doing this all behind the scenes where no one will ever know of my failure if I never document it for the world to see... but I left Vesper for a purpose. I intend to see it through.

(Plus, I'm itching for some action.)

I spot the first thing that tickles my curiousity in all the right ways...

(What's this?)

It's action I wanted and it's action I shall recieve!

*pumps fist*

I get that familiar tingling sensation in my finger tips (and in my loins!) and I step through.

Serpent's Hold!

(So be it.)

I step down the wooden steps and into Fire I go.

(Be careful what you wish for.)

I try not to trip over myself and Oscar of OWW blesses me with his presence.

I head towards the bloodshed and try to catch him in the act.

I'm just too slow.

Maybe if my Ninjitsu were higher I'd be able to keep pace in a different form. But not tonight. I circle around and then towards the alter.

And I fail to move quietly!

The entire cavern of critters sets its sights on me.

(I get my ass out of there.)

Out and about and back to Britain...

...and I find my one last saving grace.

(What's this?)

(This time I don't miss the trail.)

(This time I'm two steps behind.)

(Oh, what I'd give for a poisonous dagger right about now.)


(I miss the screams.)

*sad face*

He engages in mortal combat with a fiercesome mongbat.

*happy face*

(50 gold!???? That's my reward!?)

He passes through me before I can utter my disgust.

He speaks.

(This looks promising.)

(I speak.)

(Ya don't say?)


Big Jake: This is my first day on this shard.


I take two steps closer and take his life savings.

I bid him, farewell.

So for my troubles this night, Big Jake gets swindled by a talking rabbit.


Ok. Ok. I can only take my self-denial so far. It's just 73 gold pieces.

But more importantly (for those of us paying attention and already knew where I was taking this story from the beginning) I gained almost 5 points of Stealth in the process.

It was Big Jake's first day.

(Welcome to Siege.)

'Til next time!

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