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Episode 004: Better lucky and dead, than not lucky at all.

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Hail friends,

These wolf paws need rest. Three straight days scribbling parchment, attempting to record my life stories in my diary -- I mean, journal.

(A very manly journal in fact.)

I suspect I will not see you again for a few days at least. There are other chores to be done.

(I'm losing my edge.)


The day started out with good signs all around me. I left my humble house believing I was to see riches I've only dreamed of.

They were false signs.

With the possibilities seemingly endless I return home.

Now some may know of my fetish with red gates. Or as I like to call them, my irresistable saucey wenches. But this day the wenches were busy and all I had left was the ol' Ball and Chain at home. I decided to roll the dice and see what non-sense nagging she'd spit up at me this time.

Fate says go to shame, so I go.

But no matter how deep into the vile domain I traveled, there wasn't a single living soul to cheer me up.

On the long journey back I had much time to gather my thoughts. She was just playing mind games and didn't tell me I was showing the whole world my resists. (She would do that.)

Strike one.

Empty handed once again.

But as always, the level of dissapointment I feel is directly propotional to the number of people (suckers) that walk in at the right time.

The day can't end like this. I'm out for blood. Their GP or their HP will be mine before the sun sets. And today I prefer HP.

But somewhere between the lizardmen and my greatness diminishing, I lose track of my prey.

Strike two.

Then it hits me.

That familiar scent. Could it be? Almonds... chocolate chip... brownies...



Straight for Ice East I go. Sweet sweet bear brownies. I can taste it.


::rage building::


I'm careless and I know it. I've been careful all day and it's gotten me an empty stomach and empty pockets.

I step too close and Semidar makes short work of me.


(or is it?)

They see my dead body, but Semidar is red-lined! Chad's not fast enough to rez, come back, snoop one of us un-detected, one of us that has a scroll worth stealing, make the steal, and get away before we finish... is he?

*high fives all around*

It's better to be lucky and dead, than not lucky at all.

'Til next time!

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