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Episode 131: Daily heckling from my latest fan.

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to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest

Another day and another round of heckling from the Hater Nation. A nation so great, so wide, and so vast that none are able to escape its influence. They say its strength does not lie in its military or armed forces, but its ability to cry and whine others to death. In fact, 'tis a nation without any natural or unnatural borders of any kind. It's officers do not don any recognizable uniforms. Admittedly, they would be the greatest spies and stealthers around... if they'd only learn how to keep their mouths shut.

The Hater Nation is powerful indeed. And its oldest recruit has found its newest victim: Me.

Intent on patroling the fields of North Minoc and take the scenic route through The Lost Lands I find myself curiously curious and the sight of an odd oddity -- a Valentine's Day bunny.

I decide to have some fun.

(Phase one.)

With my new source of amusement, things were almost in place. Off to Luna, I go.

(Phase two.)

Ah, Luna.

A place that I've gotten to know intimately. Like an abused sadist, I come back bleeding and I come back with a smile every time. A place where my daily heckling takes place if I show my face for more than 5 minutes.

Today was no different.

The plan was simple:

Sell a not-so-rare (but seasonal!) Valentine's Day bunny to make some extra scratch... and spread some Valentine's Day joy in the process. ^^

I'm rudely interrupted.

*checks pockets for duped bless deeds*


"The Scoundrel" Darkrott...?

She doesn't look like any thief that I've ever seen.

*squints eyes*

(Resident of Doom and Tokuno.)


(Just as I suspected.)

The wannabe thief continues her pointless tantrum.

Chad Sexington: *inspects vagina*
Darkrott: ?
Chad Sexington: I'm inspecting for sand. Please stand still. 'Tis a delicate process.
Chad Sexington: A mild case of sandy vangina. Take two of these and call me in the morning.
Chad Sexington: Side-effects include nausea and increased sexual tention with vagina inspectors.
Chad Sexington: *hugs*

I wip out a Valentine's Day card, throw in the bacon I was saving for a curious bunny lover, and jam some leftover Christmas candy down her throat.

She accepts!

But throughout her tirade, she seems to have scared away my potential customers. I knife the bunny in the back and go about my merry.

(If a blessed Pendant of the magi got her in that much of a twist, I wonder what she would say if she knew I planned on blessing a Disguise Kit. As much as I'd like to let her know... I don't want to risk a fatal case of sandy vagina.)

(It's not pretty.)

(I've seen it.)

I was able to fend off the Nation's advances today... but they'll be back. They always are.

A year ago I posed to you this: "Years from now they still will never know why."

And they never will.

'Til next time!

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