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Episode 219: The Isle of Love (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

And here I thought the adventure was over.

Truth be told, I went into the Valentine's Day event with a secondary objective in mind: To confront EM Alcor with damning evidence involving him and a certain stud -- a beast, if you will. (I still want my signs for Barter Town, damnit.) Little did I know, I'd have the chance to fulfill that objective after the sun had set. It's funny how different storylines converge on the same day.

This all started 8 days ago in the Bank of Luna.

::Eight Days Earlier::

There was Ari Lynch of TDO striking up a conversation with Beth, GWORPE shouting from the sidelines, and me in the middle.

(Let the games begin.)

At first, it seems neither one of them has anything of value.

I look again.

(What's this?)

Valentine's Day was just 8 days away. Sentimental value?

(Keep your artifacts, I'll take sentiments over currency any day. Followed by sweet, sweet, delicious tears.)

What was it going to be?

A tale of a long lost love? A hope for a brand new crush?? (A book about female slaves???)

*drops pants*

*cracks open book*

*pulls up pants*

Wait... what?


(My nemesis.)

You think this is funny? You think you can just play with people's hearts like this?? You think you can stop people from prying into the deepest, darkest, fantasies of others, just for chuckles???

(Two can play.)

I leave Ari, Beth, and the drunky bank sitter. I march over to EM Alcor's secret lair to give him a piece of my mind.

But the hall was empty.


I spot a similar book on the table.

*compares signatures*

(It's a match.)

I return to the hall two other times before the big day, to no avail. I was going to have to wait. So wait, I did.

::Eight Days Later::

My adventure on the Isle of Love was over. And if that was a day-among-days, this was going to be a night-among-nights!

There I was, minding my own business, trying to get a few gains in detecting hidden, when I get the call:

I was looking for him (and didn't have a chance to confront him in front of all his adoring masses during the day), and it seems, he was looking for me...!

I already had "the book" on me, so I march right on over.

But what could it be?

Would he finally cave in and give me what I wanted?

Or would he continue to play hard-ball?

(We'd find out tonight.)

EM Alcor: Thanks for coming.
Chad Sexington: Hail.
Chad Sexington: Any time. ^^
EM Alcor: I was wondering if you could pass on a message to one of your colleagues.

Who did he think I was?

Some messanger?

No, no, no, buddy. This is a negotiation among rivals, not a conversation among friends.

You want something? I want something in return.

Hm... he's talking about Red (as seen in Episode 0149).

EM Alcor: But also...

EM Alcor: He did party me.
Chad Sexington: I see.
EM Alcor: But all that was going on I did not see the message he must have sent.

"And your questions?"

*cracks knuckles*

*waits for answer*

(So he is going to play hard-ball after all...!)

"I don't know what you're talking about."

(Your pants are on fire, sir.)



(Explain yourself!)

"I am puzzled sir."

(Check & Mate... Again!)

EM Alcor: 0
Chad Sexington: 2

Now here's an interesting moment in the life of EM Alcor:

He's given the opportunity to choose his own destiny. Take the path of the angels and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth or...

...he can lie through his teeth.

(I compared signatures!)

I throw up my hands, announce my exit, make for the door, and--

--EM Alcor stops me short and ruins my exit line!

He bumps into me and I bump into his pockets.

Chad Sexington: Don't tell me.
Chad Sexington: Let me guess.

He babbles on and on about something.

(I'm not realy paying attention.)

(And yet I do always find a way to entertain myself.)

He jumps to a safe distance. I take my reagents and go.

(This isn't over yet.)



I check back the next evening and it looks like my deeds had not gone unnoticed:

*flips to the good parts*

'Til next time!

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