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Episode 172: by Female Slave

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It was a warm sunny day when she set out into the forest. She was a young innocent peasant girl who knew not of the evil ways of men. Kind and virtuous in every way, even witnessing the slaughter of wild beasts would cause her much sorrow and dismay. By the afternoon she had collected many herbs and began to walk back towards town but instead found herself in a swamp surrounded by alligators and other vile slithering creatures which she had never seen before. In her zeal to collect herbs she had become hopelessly lost.

As she eluded the alligators in the impending darkness she saw a knight far away on a horse. Perhaps he would help her. The loneliness and desloation had made her very uneasy and she was glad to find another human being to provide solace. She motioned to him to come toward her but as he approached she began to notice things about him which were rather alarming. He carried a large sharp axe which was covered with blood and his black plate armor was spattered with blood as well. His horse was panting and its flanks were covered with foam as if it has been forced to run fast over a great distance. Perhaps there was a battle nearby and he had just narrowly escaped with his life. As he sat there eyeing her through the visor of his helmet she could think to do but to timidly say that she was lost and ask him to way back towards town. His only response was to inform her that she would never see her town or any other town ever again. How could this be ? she asked, beginning to panic. Had they all be destroyed ? Her mind raced with thoughts about her family what had happened to them ? How could she find them Finally she asked what had become of all the people in all the towns. They are still there he said. The things that this man was saying made no sense and it was apparent that this man had no interest in helping her so she began to walk away but she had not walked far when she noticed that he was following her from a distance hiding behind trees yet she could feel his presence dark and insidious closing in on her. In the waning daylight her terror began to grow. No matter which direction she ran he was still there watching, waiting WANTING she knew not what.

Why must you follow me so ? she finally summoned the courage to ask. I follow you because you belong to me and your whereabouts are of interest to me, he replied. I dont belong to you or anyone else she said and I must get back to my family where ever they may be. You will never see your family again, you shall be my servant you shall only live if I allow you to do so he told her menacingly. I am Good and you are Evil I shall not serve you. Not now, not ever. She yelled angrily. Hastily she armed her bow and shot arrows at him as fast as she could but this did little more than cause him to laught cornfully as the arrows bounced off his armor. Soon she had used up all of her arrows and a terrible feeling of terror came over her. All that she could think of was to escape this man by any means possible. As she ran through the underbrush the sharp branches tore her clothing and scratched her skin yet so great was her terror that she did not notice as her heart pounded in her chest and her breathing grew frantic, he was there always one step behind her crashing through the underbrush on his horse reaching out towards her trying to capture her in his crushing grasp. She could feel the steamy breath of his horse on the back of her neck and smell the sweet smell of its sweat.

Her terrified screams were stifled by breathlessness. At last she felt the dreaded touch of his place mail glove touching her, bruising her arm and as she wrenched herself free she slipped on a long and fell hitting her head on a rock. With an evil smile he dismounted his horse and still holding his axe he strode towards her no longer resisting body. He could not help but notice her soft white skin which could be see through the holes in her clothing. He could take her life if he wanted or anything else he pleased and this made him feel powerful. He licked his lips in anticipation. He savored the salty taste of the sweat underneath is mustache and thought of the time long ago when he was very young and he had murdered his unsuspected neighbor out the forest near his house with an axe and some of the blood had spattered on his face. It also had a salty taste which he liked.

She was but a prize to him, something to be captured and subdued. He was an evil man with no conscience who had always taken what he wanted. His strength and agility enabled him to swing his axe with great force, which he often did as he took the lives of those less powerful than himself. She did not resist when he chained her to the wall by her right wrist. Her eyes were close and the expression on her face was almost peaceful. He wondered if she was still alive as she lay there motionless on her back on some soft cushions. He put his ear to her chest. Would the sleeping beauty would ever awaken ? She regained conciousness trapped in his tower. Unrecognizable objects lurked in the shadows. It was a place devoid of all that was familiar or comforting to her. Faint moonlight streamed through the narrow windows in the stone walls. In the dimness she could see that heavy furniture blood the only door out. Near the door was a narrow stone stairway which descended sharply to the next floor. She was trying to get up when she felt the chain which tethered her to the wall. She paniced like a frightened animal, pulling against the chain with all her strength. Groping along the wall she found where it was attached but it was of no avail it was bolted into the stone wall quite securely and the bracelet around her wrist seemed to be locked and could not be removed. As she thought of how trapped and alone she was in the darkness she began to hear terrified screams reverberating through the room. Screams of anguish and desperation and despair. The screams grew louder and louder and were never ending. The screams came from her. Screaming to the point of exhaustion until she could scream no more. She hear footsteps of someone walking on the floor above her echoing down the stairwell. It sounded as if the person was wearing boots and the steps were forcefull and confident. Now she could hear them coming down the stairs. Approaching closer and closer.

Did they know she was there ? She cowered in the darkness fearing that her pounding heart would be hear. He was coming directly towards her, a shadowy figure dressed in dark clothing. He was a tall man who was solidly build as well and now as he stood next to her towering over her she felt far away, as if she was in a distant corner of the room looking down at him looking down at her. Disconnected. She could not remember how she had gotten there nor could she remember her name or her past. A man whom she did not know would control her fate and her future. What is your name ? he asked as he unchained her and lifted her into a nearby chair. I do not remember my name she said, but I know that I do not belong here. What is this terrible place ? she asked. Half dragging and half carrying he took her to up to the roof. As far as the eye could see there was endless jungle filled with large poisonous serpents. This is your new home, he said, She collapsed to her knees face in hands sobbing uncontrollably about her fate. Please let me go... Worship me SLAVE! Worship the Evil that you love to hate !

Her heart was filled with seething hatred and despair. Trapped inside her body which was imprisoned by a monster disguised as a man. She looked longingly out of the narrow window into the distance. What little she could remember of her past seemed far away now. It was hard to believe that it had ever happened at all.

Occasionally she had caught glimpses of his servants and tried to speak to them but they had gone about their business as if she was not even there. I must do something to convince myself I still exist she thought. She touched the diamond necklace which she dared not try to remove. It served as a grim reminder of his cruelty towards her and all others who were unfortunate enough to cross his path. She remembere vividly the night he came home late with it. I have a present for you SLAVE he had announed cheerfully. Before she realized what was happening he had fastened it around her throat. It felt cold and sticky. Let us have a look shall we ? he had said as he walked her over to a mirror. In the reflection she had seen the necklace still soaked in the blood of the noble woman who had died while wearing it. She had screamed in horror and revulsion as she frantically tried in vain to remove it. He had bent the clasp so that it could not be opened. Perhaps you should clean it SLAVE, for it looks rather unsightly he had said still laughing in amusement. Wear it SLAVE ! he had ordered sternly. Since then not a night had passed that she had not had a bad dream about the former owner of the necklace. She dreamt that she was the woman and that he was swinging his axe and decapitating her and her head was rolling down the road. Even in her sleep she could not escape him.

She could see the flicker of his candle and hear the rustle of papers in the other room. He was making plans for evil deeds yet to be performed. Detailed maps, charts and Lists of possible victims were all strewn before him on the table. Information about their appearance and habits, and what kind of items they they owned and could perhaps be carrying when he caught them was meticulously annotated as well. He drew many diagrams of possible ways to trap and dispatch his victims. He felt a warmth coursing through his body. The anticipation of things that he would do was almost a pleasurable as actually doing them. Occassionally she heard him laugh out loud whenever he had thought of a particularly devious plan. She shuddered in the darkness. If only she could somehow warn the people of their impending demise. Night after night she saw him planning the deaths of innocent people. It caused her great pain to know of such evil deeds. She tugged on the long chain which teathered her to the wall. Thick callousses had formed around her wrist where the shackle chafed. She knew he would be coming for her soon. She remembered the day that she had agreed to be his slave. She had regained conciousness as the cool water in the river rapidly flowed around her. He clasped her tightly, her face was pressing into the fur of his chest. Suddenly her fear of him had be replaced by her fear of not knowing how to swim. Please dont let she had pleaded. I shall not let that happen SLAVE. You are of no use to me dead. He helped her out of the water, she felt sore and her body was covered with bruises. He had done violent things to her which she did not understand. What will become of me ? she asked. You shall make a fine ornament to decorate my house as well as a toy to amuse me when Im bored he replied. Wear this SLAVE until all your unsightly bruises go away. He gave her an ill fitting black robe that would do little to protect her from him. Let us celebrate your capture with a feast he said.

He was a man of great wealth and the table was laden with all manner of sumptuous foods in fancy gleeming dishes. There were delicacies likes of which she had never seen before. Even in her wretched condition she could not help but feel a sense of awe. To want to eat was to want to live and to want to live was to want to be his Slave. Surrender to your destiny SLAVE. If it were not for my doing your future would be one of endless drudgery as a lowly peasent toiling in fields. Someday you shall thank me he said. Eat well SLAVE he said. Emphatically. She tried to resist the urge to partake of the food, to surrender to such a fate as prolonging her life would provide. but the armona was too much for her and soon she found herself hungrily devouring all that was offered to her. It had been her choice to live and to live was to be his Slave. Come to me SLAVE ! he commanded. He grabbed the other end of her chain and slowly began to pull her towards him hand over hand. This wasn't really necessary but he enjoyed it immensely nonetheless as it emphasized his power over her. Soon she would be forced to come out of the other room where she liked to hide in the darkness hoping that he would forget that she was there. She would grovel before him with eyes downcast murmuring. Please be gentle with me my lord.

She was from a long lineage of peasant wenches whose lives had been spared because they were pleasing to the eye and even more so to the touch. Remove the robe SLAVE, Lie down SLAVE, Sleep SLAVE ! He knew all of her sensitive spots and all of her weaknesses. He had the power to make her feel so good that she would not be able to move or he could accomplish the some with pain. The choices were all his. She tried not to let it show but secretly she was very excited by him. Her body yearned for his touch. It wanted to cooperate with him. The possibility of being attracted to someone who had hurt her so deeply caused her much self loathing and disgust. He had taken her away from the only friends and family that she had ever known. She was young and unsure of herself in the situation for which she had never been prepared. She was dependent upon him to provide her with all of the necessities of life. If there was anything she needed, she would have to come to him for it. How does that feel, SLAVE ? he asked knowingly Take what you can Evil, only my body surrenders to you, she whispered defiantly That shall suffice he said, He had a strong musky scent about him which she could not ignore. It penetrated deep into her nostrils, deep into her very being.

Without knowing why, she passionately licked his shoulder with the flat side of her tongue. He could tell that her will to resist him was weakening. Soon she would not want to escape from him anymore. He would cut her chain but she would not notice. She would follow him around clinging to him, worshiping him, begging not to leave his side. I am finished with you SLAVE, you can leave if you wish. He said. I beg for your figiveness for all the times that I disrespected your authority over me. I did not realize who you truly were. I am so ashamed of myself. She said. Her voice choked up with emotion. It is alright Slave he said. You are young and do foolish things. I am pleased that you have finaly seen the error in your ways. I do not want to hurt you but sometimes the Evil in me causes me to do things beyond my control. I exist only to serve you Master. I am nothing without you. Her voice filled with devotion. He put his arms around her and drew her close in an embrace so powerful that she could not have pulled away even if she has wanted to. Sometimes you please me too much SLAVE, he said, A smile of satisfaction crept across his face.

Worship me SLAVE Worship the Evil that you love to hate ! He ordered the weeping young peasant girl who knelt at his feet. He hated himself for what he was. He hated himself for what he was not. His appearance was healthy but he was sick on the inside. He could feel his brain, it was rotting inside his head. He once had felt guilty about the things he had to do but he was far beyond that now. Things had changed after that day that he killed his neighbor in the forest in a fit of rage.

Even in the crowded rooms he had begun to feel all alone. When someone laughed it made him angry, when someone was kind to him he wanted to hurt them. All these evil thoughts where did they come from ? He was talking but the voice was not his own. Whenever he saw someone with their back turned or otherwise vulnerable, he had the overwhelming urge to attack them, an urge which had become more difficult to control with each passing day. Years previously while he was still in his teen he had left his family never to be seen again. If he had stayed he was quite certain that he would have slain them all. Out of necessity he was forced to have dealings with the local townsfolk. No one would have believed what he did at night for he could be such a pleasant fellow in broad daylight. They thought they were safe well they should have thought twice. Those least expectant would pay his price. An encounter with him was beyond compare because his fantasy was their nightmare. He had to bruise thighs to have a time, insatiable urges caused his crime. He ruined their lives, he made them feel bad, he took away everything that they would ever have. During forced entry he would pant and sweat. He had no conscience he did not regret. His uncontrolable craving for evil deeds forced him to relentlessly patrol the countryside seeking men to kill and desecrate and for saucy wenches to satisfy his needs. He liked to leave them crying and bleeding by the side of the road. He rode a fine black horse which had once belonged to one of his victims. The horse had been a reluctant accomplice in most of his crimes and it resented his presence in its life. It pinned back its ears and kicked up its heels. It glared at him angrily as it swung its head from side to side, grinding its teeth. He knew that the horse was talking to him, telling him that someday he too would die a violent death and when he did, it would happily step on his face. He smote the insolent beast with his whip. It swished its tail defiantly.

He had servants as well, to cook his food, clean his house and tend his horses. Dim witted commoners with no will of their own, who knew how to do nothing but obey his orders. They would believe anything he told them. If any of them ever outlived their usefullness he would have no qualms about dealing them a swift merciless death. His servants would not help her escape, of this he could be sure. She looked about frantically without daring to move, trying to think of a means to escape. Already her captivity was starting to have an affect on her, to make her feel helpless and to lose confidence in herself. She thought the regretful thoughts which every new prisoner has. The mental backtrackings of steps, thinking of things she could have done to avoid her capture. If only she had hid instead of waving to him. If only she had not been so zealous when collecting herbs and had no gotten lost. If only she had never ventured forth into the forest on that fateful day. Painful thoughts which were of no use to her now. Yet they lingered, tormenting her to no end. He looked into her eyes. She had no better chance of resisting him than a small boat had of resisting a Hurricane. She was so young and innocent, barely an adult.

He knew that she was truly unaware of what he was going to do to her, and in this sense, perhaps she was fortunate. The same things could happen to her as to any woman. Free from the scrutiny of civilized society he could take his time and enjoy her futile attemptes to escape and her pathetic pleas for freedom. He had never taken time to converse with any of his victims before and this he thought to himself could actually prove to be quite entertaining. Ah the endless possibilities of ways to torment her. He could tell her that he would only keep her for a short time if she was cooperative and then go back on his word, leaving her betrayed and crushed. Why am I imprisoned here ? she queried. I have committed no crimes. I have followed the virtous path. I have done no wrong. She quietly began to appeal to a greater authority that herself a God that she had always read about in the books who had the power to intervene on her behalf. A kind caring supreme being who could rescue her form this miserable place and deliver her safely to her family. She called out to her savior but he did not respond. Could he not hear her ? or did he not care ?

You foolish girl, I am your God. Did you not know ? He said forcefully. There is nothing you can keep from me. The thin material of her clothing was no match for his strong hands. He threw the tattered pieces off the edge of the roof. What shall you do now SLAVE ? He laughed. She stood before him naked and ashamed, she had never been seen by a man before. What had once been insignificant articles of clothing were now the most precious possessions in the world to her, they were all that remained of her past. Now they were gone. She was not allowed to own anything, not even herself. She shrieked in anguish and tried to jump after the clothes. Her desperation to escape him even at the cost of her own life excited and intrigued him. What did she have that was so valuable that she wanted to protect ? Whatever it was, he would enjoy taking it from her. Her vertuousness had given her strengths which he would never possess. He wanted to destroy it, to drag her down to his level of moral depravity, to make her be like him. He wanted to shock her sense and penetrate all her defenses. He put his hands around her throat and as soon as she had lost conciousness he placed her on one of the large stone tables. She was so beautiful and it pleased him very much when she pretended to be dead. He wished that she could stay this way forever. Please let me go she pleaded. NO, I shall NOT ! He replied. He began to drag her towards him by her ankles. She struggled frantically but it was of no use, he had much practice at these sorts of things. Although she did manage to scratch his face which annoyed him greatly. You are not to scratch me SLAVE, and for that you shall be punished. I am going to make you bleed in places that you have never bled before ...SLAVE.

The skin on the inner part of her legs was soft and smooth almost a shame he thought, that it would soon be covered with bruises. In the midst of his fervor he was vaguely aware of her asking what he was doing to her and of her begging him to stop. Her moans of discomfort were sweet music to his ears. The look of pain and horror upon her pretty face was quite exquisite. The more he hurt her the more pleasure he felt. Would she survive his brutality? If she did not then she was not worthy of him. Even after she had fainted he continued to ravage her unconcious body again and again. His Dominion was complete. Exposed under the open sky he knew that the forces which controled his life were watching him. Suddenly he was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for the gift which they had bestowed upon him...... The gift of a Female Slave.

'Til next time!

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