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Episode 133: My Little Black Book

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Hail friends,

An interesting and profitable adventure. And yet... so predictable and equally innevitable.

*sips ale*

As long as we're sharing secrets, let me share another.

If there's anything better at dropping someone's guard, it's hitting the same place twice within a 24 hour period. The randomness and unpredictability of the first visit and the insanity and disbelief of the second.

(Something I've been doing all along during these adventures.)

Kos and ROFL in one corner and me in the other.

(I like those odds.)

I come bumbling into Despise. I spot them early on in their endeavor. I spot Shh Ill Cry right where I left him (less than 24 hours ago). And I spot something for the taking.

And as soon as I spot her, off she goes again. Methodically (as if she's done this dozens and dozens of dizzying times before) she zips off to the next batch of critters that die with 1 or 2 whithers and moves along.

(a.k.a. I'm too slow.)

She zips counter-clockwise, I zip clockwise, and Poison of ROFL chases Jabba round and round.

(Just what I needed.)

Jabba leads the two mounted ROFL past me and out the exit... and leaves me with the wraiths and my soon-to-be dragon slaying sword.


(Sometimes they make this too easy.)

I count the seconds Jabba and his two persuers are gone from sight. They must be chasing him all the way over, under, around, and out.

(It's like they want to be stolen from.)


(I mean not to disappoint.)

*cracks knuckles*

With the sword in my hand I side-step the very slow rats, out-pace the very slow wraiths, and hope the others don't return just as I'm leaving.


Poison eventually returns at the news of my arrival, but he's much too late.

I reach the island and find the much needed anti-thief defenses in place.

I head to the star room where they'd be expecting me.

Poison enters and deploys a search that doesn't even pass the smell test.

Satisfied and pleased with his detective skills -- satisfied and pleased enough to bet the scrolls of his friends -- he gives the crying one the thumbs up.

(You foolish man.)

Shh Ill Cry approaches. I wouldn't have much time.

I take a peek. And with only time to check 1 or 2 scrolls (out of 12), luck would have to be on my side.

A 110 Archery and a 110 Evaluate Intelligence are all I see.


I head to the only place they would be...

Poison and Lord of the AllKill, fresh from Despise, continue the fight on the fields of Yew.

And carry with them a soon-to-be donation!

A fight they were looking for and a fight is exactly what they get. (Must to my dismay.)

The 4 blues congregated at the gate give them their all... and he won't stand still.


A wannbe ROFL approaches.

The Lord of the AllKill greets the wannabe ROFL in his own special way.

Zimocha takes a T-bagging from a giant beetle, the Lord of the AllKill finally stands still for more than two seconds, and I take my chances.


By the time I get into motion I can already tell it was going to be a botched steal. My timing was off, my footing was wrong, and he ends up two tiles too far. The beetle turns to me and I turn to the shadows.

(Son of a bitch.)

I turn back to try again. Stuffed in the bottom corner of his pack, I doubt he even notices what I was after. I turn back, but the blue congregation is back and they're in full force.

And just as I'm about to act, he shouts "Kal Ort Por!", and is wisked away...

But if I know spawners (and I think I do)... he'd be back in about 15 minutes. I find a comfortable place to perch and wait.


And I find what I'm looking for:

Another tour of Despise concluded and a second chance for me.

And just like that...

...he enters my life once again.

(No mistakes.)

(Right where I left it.)

And I leave this day with not one, but two 10th anniversary items! And such is the daily life I find myself in these days.

*closes little black book of secrets*


(For now.)

'Til next time!

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