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Episode 259: Selling 100 "Stolen" Items

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Hail friends,

Grey Mullet: I just figured out something.
Chad Sexington: ?
Grey Mullet: You can steal from mirror images to get monster stealables.
Chad Sexington: No way.

Grey Mullet: You just need to be in one of the old dungeons while you do it to get the items.

(I go to test Mullet's latest theory.)

A special item falls in my pack.


We all find our little corners of the world, each in a different dungeon, and harvest away.

(I feel a little dirty and a little not like a thief but... the exploit won't exploit itself!)

I keep a single Gem of Salvation for myself and pawn off the rest of the ill-gotten gains. But first I'd need an angle as to not attract unwanted attention. I decide to play the part of the broken & ashamed pvp thief who was once noble and proud but has since been self-demoted to a lowly crate thief:

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
I feel dirty. Selling 100 "stolen" items.

I have a confession.

I wanted a Gem of Salvation. One thing led to another and... selling 100 monster stealables. Or as I like to call them, "pick-up-ables."

7 Gem of Salvation (self-rez, blessed)
6 Mana Draught (25-40 mana)
8 Seed of Life (25-40 hp, heals through poison/lethal)
8 Balm of Wisdom (+10 int 30min)
13 Balm of Strength (+10 str 30min)
15 Balm of Swiftness (+10 dex 30min)
18 Balm of Protection
13 Stone Skin Lotion
12 Life Shield Lotion

Selling all of them together. Taking bids.

It'll never happen again. I apologize.


Sir Morder steps up and offers 1mil for the "stolen" goods.

After pocketing the blood money I whip out my abucus and determine it's only just borderline worth the time to harvest them (even with the smoke and mirrors) and the process definitely isn't fun enough. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn't last that long.

Two days later Mullet discovers that thieves can no longer snoop mirror images. You can no longer get monster stealables this way, but even more distrubingly, you can no longer steal from a mirror image for RoT gains in Stealing.



(We didn't have anything to do with that... did we?)

*sad face*

Public Posting by Essence of Siege:
Since I think you're looking for redemption and I have a feeling you're looking for someone to say it to you, as a way to move on, it gives me no pleasure to say it...

You're nothing but a filthy crate.

There, now chin up young man. You'll be just fine.

(Oh, I know I will.)

'Til next time!

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