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Episode 012: Fun with Poison (Part II)

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Hail friends,

Another day, another adventure for this emotionally insecure thief.

I decide it was finally time to finish my Champion Spawn Runebook. I had already marked a few more locations earlier this day, North Minoc Caves was the next on my list.

*takes gate to Minoc moongate*

Save for the cluster of faction vendors huddled along the bank wall, the city of Minoc was a ghost of it's former glory.

I remember went I was a wee pup, I used to scavenge these mines for ore to sell to the local blacksmiths. I handed over 1000 iron ingots for 5500 gold pieces with a smile.

What has become of Sosaria? Dark times are here, and off in the distance I can't see the light.

*sad face*

I could re-live the past at a later time. I continue my journey north past the stables, along the coast...

Another party I was not invited to. (Nobody likes greesy Homer.)

Excelcius, his Cu Sidhe, the gypsy Toby and a shepherd Arlin were busy getting boozed up.

I wasn't looking for friends on this trip but decide to roll the dice to investigate further... to my surprise the house is public!

Excelcius' senses may not be keen enough to detect my presence outside, but he's sure to notice the sound of his front door as it opens and closes. Chances are it's locked from the inside anyway... I've got nothing to lose.

I place my hand on the door knob and twist.


It cracks open.

I carefully watch his movements as I step inside.

I hear a few footsteps and some bardic music, but the thirst for blood is not in the air.

I shut the door behind me.

As a tamer/bard, he must be busy entertaining his guests. The peaceful melody continues. With Excelcius occupied upstairs I carefully check the contents of the chests surrounding me--all secure.

I hear footsteps upstairs so I make myself comfortable next to one of the teleporters. The second he pops downstairs I'll snoop his backpack and place it in "more secure hands."


Minutes seem like hours. I was not in the mood. Back and forth the footsteps continue. Over and over the music gets played. My ears begin to bleed.

I wait.

He may not have noticed the door opening, but he was sure to notice an intruder using his personal teleporters! What to do? There is a teleporter on the roof but two down stairs. I would only have one chance at this.

I inspect their movements upstairs one more time.

The Cu Sidhe is grey and should not be a threat... and Excelcius... is standing in the same spot! I double check and find that it's Toby, not Excelcius making all the noice upstairs. Excelcius must be playing the lute in his sleep! (Drunken bards are known to do this from time-to-time.)

*takes teleporter on the right*

No one notices. The music continues to be played.

*pokes Excelcius with the hilt of my dagger*

The drunken fool is unconsious.

Happy days. I take my time sifting through his pack.

A few regs, some bandages, gold coins and a +10 provocation bracelet! Jackpot! Should I steal his belongings one by one and risk him sobering up. Or bleed him and watch him die an embarassing death.

*decisions decisions*

Screw it.

The helpless bard takes one for the team (my team ^^).

I loot his motionless body and find a few more surprises. A +12 Animal Taming bracelet and magic Ball of Pet Summoning were scattered among the many lutes.

Toby and Arlin were frozen in fear. I take the loot and take my leave. I travel north and finish what I came to do in the first place.

I bank my loot and make my way to brit gate to share the love. With poison on the brain and have nothing to lose. I try to pick a fight but none would accept my challenge!

Endrick pays for my "protection." I thank him then leave him in peace. If no one would take me on through force, perhaps it was time for a different tactic.


*runs to the bank and digs up a keg of deadly poison*

I scatter the poisonous food on the ground and wait for my victims (suckers) to come to me.

Who will fall for it first? Sym? I like pie?

*puts money on the wild bears*








**Disclaimer: Chad Sexington's protection insurance does not include food poisoning.

The guards find me hidden inside and re-introduce me to their halberds. I gather the remaining food (and what's left of my pride) and head to Luna bank.

The usual bank sitters are bank sitting, with their zombie faces. But amongst the chatter and clutter, amongst the hussle and bussle of the city, something catches my eye.

BlackShadow? Nice to meet you. ^^

A packy?

*pets packy*

1500 blank scrolls. He was going to make a run. I poison my dagger and watch his every move. But instead of summoning a gate he makes his way toward the public moongate.

::If I were BlackShadow, where would I go?::

*spidey sense says Trinsic*

And to Trinsic I go.

Five tiles behind him I am. He tries to dash for his house, but his pack horse is slowing him down. I change into wolf form and can smell the victory in my grasp.

So close.

Like a frightened mouse he dashes inside his humble tower. I inspect his weaponry... and magical weaponry at that! Most impressive! (Uninsured magical weaponry. For me?)

I wait for another opportunity but it never comes... He would not have been a match for me, and he knows it. Perhaps he is more intelligent than I gave him credit for.

Next time his pack horse will not be so lucky. I leave him a message and a gift.

'Til next time!

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