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Episode 056: The Miner, the Goddess, and the Thief (Part I)

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Hail friends,

An old message on my bulletin board catches my eye.

I decide to go check out how my old friend E-wok is doing. And why not? I just finished answering all my hate mail and the rest of my day was mine.

It looks like someone else has taken matters into their own hands! But what's this...?

(I pick up a scent.)

Ah! Walkdawg! It's very nice to meet you. And a pleasure! A bag of sending? For me?

No, no, no... please don't get up. Aye? Fresh tea? If you insist. Your sister? Sleep with her? No, no no... I don't want to impose.

That's a very sharp looking outfit you're wearing. I'll have to get one just like it someday. ^^

Why yes, I can help you with your ore. (But you're standing much too close to guard zone for what I have in mind.)

The ore runs low and Walkdawg heads for higher ground. The scent carries up the mountain...

...and I follow and find... nothing...?

This all feels so familiar... I've been here before! 'Twas not 2 year ago since I was taught my first lesson on my first adventure. Not up the mountain, but into the forbidden mine he went.

I try and learn from my mistakes.

(This time I tranform back to human form before entering.)

He was making this too easy! Far, far, away from any guard zone, in this narrow passage, and now in this mine, unable to cast Sacred Journey to escape!

I prepare my dagger.

Perhaps Walkdawg has had enough of the tyranies of this world. "But what of my sister?" he asks outloud. Fear not! I shall step up to the task and look after your sister once you are gone from this world! I swear it!

I let him know I meant to keep my word...

...but before he goes I tell him a little secret...



I shuriken his fire beetle and take what's mine.

(It's a shame the beetle wasn't bonded.)

Unable to let go, Walkdawg returns to this world to check on his possessions and on his beetle and the calvalry rushes in to save the day!

Hoping to spy something of value straight from his bank, I strap on my miner's disguise as to not get noticed...

... and stick around while Icygoddess keeps watch.

They're very good!

"Chad? Nay, my name is Walkdawg. But a humble miner!" I plead.

For some reason they saw straight through my lies and see through my disguise!


"I thank thee for thy bag of sending!" I tell them. "And for thy clothes. But 'tis a little snug around the crotch area."

(They were not amused and make their exit.)

I return home and add Walkdawg's miner outfit to my ever expanding pallet of disguises. They'll never see it coming.

'Til next time!

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