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Episode 216: W^R vs. Barter Town

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Hail friends,

As I sit in Luna waiting to seal a deal, I get a strange (and disturbing!) bit of news coming over yonder from our newest recruit!


The Barter Town Stables were under siege!

*dramatically throws imaginary cape over shoulder*

I'm off!

I get distracted on the way...

(Shiney things do that to me.)

...but Angus keeps me updated on the status of the siege:

(Things were going well. ^^)

But the dragon sicking dead man wasn't alone. I quicken my pace.

Fistandantilus of W^R!

Ah, a fearsome and powerful bardic mage backing up his tamer friend. I get closer and closer and begin to tremble in fear!

I snoop his pack and my heart races faster!

"Wis Quas!"
"Wis Quas!"

He shouts out to the south and west. Tracking? Tracking who?

(Angus was at the stables... I think.)

He stops and looks back over in my direction. He walks back, down, around, over, and on top of me.

I was tracked.

I was cornered.

Chad Sexington: !!!

"!!!" is the only thing I could manage to say. And in my clumsiness, my "!!!" reveals me!

Fistandantilus was looking for a fight! Fistandantilus was out for blood!

I'm frozen!

I'm trapped and I'm tracked!

Whatever shall I do???

He unleashes the holy hell that only a pissed off mage knows how to. He watches my charred corpse blister in the wind on the foot steps of Barter Town. He prances around a field of siegery victory. (It's a word, look it up.)

I've failed you Barter Town.

I've failed to bring your enemies to their knees.

*single tear*

--Or at least I would have, if the Minoc invasion weren't over, and if the town guards weren't re-instated.


A handful of arcane pieces of clothing (that I use daily), some gold, some silver, and a free 100% LRC suit.

Ah, the spoils of war.

Not one, but two W^R members guard whacked at different ends of town by two different thieves, moments apart.

It was beautiful.

I find Angus and tell him the good news!

We bank our loot in front of our fallen enemies.

"Congrats on my dumbness."

(You're too kind.)

I mount my ethereal steed, leave Angus to keep watch over our town's borders, gallop off towards the moongate south of town...

...and of course, I dismount, hide, and stealth right back.

(You didn't think it was over, did you?)

A few minutes have passed, Angus is busy with unknown hi-jinx (too busy to type), and I spot a different kind of invasion.

Different... and yet equally disturbing:

He's back.

(And intends to export our resources...?)

But something was up. I spot 4 empty packies and 1 mount-less Fistandantilus (with a fresh suit of LRC). He was running around, back and forth, up and down... and for what? I follow, but I'm still confused.


Confused (and amused), I set the trap.

And as soon as I do...


The packies disappear!

He logged out? Logged out where?


Wherever he was, it didn't matter now.

I hear some commotion up, farther into town... and it's a good thing I did.

1600 Yew Boards? A single dead (and lured) pack horse? And...

--A recruit running in fear!

I quickly throw a couple shurikens and relieve his pain!



(I lied.)

(I sluggishly throw the shurikens because I thought it was funny watching him run around and wanted some good pics. ^^)

But no matter!

However the historians will *claim* to describe the speed of the throwing of my shurikens and my *supposed* glee in watching recruits run in fear...

We claim victory!


I trot back to my lone crate, but fail to spot any unexpected corpses.

I guess two suits of armor will have to do.

Angus tells me, he sold his loot back for 100k. <-- He needs the cash.

I tell him, I decided to keep mine in storage. <-- I need the armor.

I watch him bank his 1600 Yew Boards and we all lived happily ever after.

'Til next time!

::Originally Posted by Angus::

The day starts off as any, I awake to train! Alas I get bored very quickly and go touring.

I find this immeditatly!

Further inspection shows its empty...
However ill keep this in mind, wheres theres an IDOC there is fights, and where there is fights there is loot!

I decide im bored, where do bored people go?

Of course! Barter Town!

As im running to our HQ i almost miss this intruder!

Upon entering the Barter Town Stables he runs away and hides!

Being as he is doing something, im unsure what, but it is something, and its in OUR stables. I demand payment!

What the! Son of a bitch.

As im waiting on him re-appearing a gate pops up and in flys a faction fighter and a dragon....i smell trouble.

Before I can even react (or hide!) the dragon attacks me, the guards save me and i loot! This was indeed a strange turn of events.

Not a bad haul at all, this was payment I guess?

Im them alerted to more murderous actions!

At the bank, while sifting through my loot...

I bump into the donator! I ask him to buy his loot back, he agree's, as im about to ask for 50k he offers 100k, dammit this man is good!

I take my riches and head to Luna, I need items!

Sadly I get totally side tracked and this happens...

Oh well, back to the matter at hand! I stock up on purple pots and fly to Minoc as quick as I can!

I turn myself grey, launch a potion and...

Ok dammit, im rusty and I thought that would work.

Horse - 1
Angus - 0

Plan B!


I quickly grab my loot and start my journey home..

Then it hits me..

I was no cave man, what the hell was I doing?!

As im leaving to bank my fortune I spot an odd crate...Chad is that you?!

Horse - 1
Angus - 1600!!


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