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Interview with Chad Sexington of UOThief.com

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This was the last interview given by Viceroy of UO Radio before he closed its doors. The interview is approximately 40 minutes long.The interview is of the site (UOThief) in general and not of The Mis-adventures itself. The only reason I was interviewed at all was because I made a post on the U.Hall forum on Stratics asking questions about official Ultima Online fansites. Viceroy saw my thread and decided to do me a favor and give me the opportunity to get a little more exposure to my website.

It's also the reason why the interview doesn't go in-depth. Viceroy wasn't a "fan" if you know what I mean. Viceroy had never been to UOThief prior to reading my thread on Stratics. A week before the interview we talked on Skype for about 30 minutes and just went through possible topics to talk about. But he still hadn't read any of the episodes from UOThief at the time of the interview. The questions & answers ended up being very general.

(Listen at your own risk.)

Interview with Chad Sexington of UOThief.com by MC Viceroy (MP3 file, approx. 40 min.)

MC Vicroy
UO Radio


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