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Episode 241: One hammer for me, none for you.

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Hail friends,

Short story.

Uneventful story?

I could use some "uneventful" for a while. (And it's nice to finally be able to sleep in.)

UO-MostWanted, his copper runic hammer, and me. And with a name like that, he's just asking to be stolen from.

I wonder if he's awake.


No sense in switching to ferret form this time. No sense for some elaborate plan. He was there and he was busy. His hammer was there and I was going to be busy in a second.

This was a simple mounted snatch and grab on (another) 8 stone hammer. The guards would either catch me or they wouldn't and there was only one way to find out.

(Did I mention that I love legendary stealing?)

The strangest thing about smiths; sometimes they just misplace their tools, figure it was their own fault, and replace it with another. I go back to see if UO-MostWanted was such a smith.

He begins the item shuffle in his pack. The blacksmithy and tailoring build order deeds get shoved to the bottom and then to the side.

(He was missing a hammer.)


I soon get contacted by another new thief wanting to join the guild. I give him his new robe.

I only had one question for him and his answer to the question would determine the fate of many blacksmiths to come:

Chad Sexington: Do you like my hammer?
Enkil Visigoth: ...
Enkil Visigoth: Sure.


(He wasn't impressed.)

And thus, a new age in hammer-less blacksmiths was the defining characteristic of the years to come. Lives were lost. Lovers were heartbroken. Kittens went missing. Cats were sad. Felines everywhere meowed in kitten-less misery and pain.

(It was a dark time for cat lovers.)

*runs off to find more smiths*

'Til next time!

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