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Episode 240: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 12 of 12)

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Hail friends,

The final month passes and here we are, right where we started, milking a long con for all it's worth...

--and then of course I stop, hide, and stealth right back to milk it some more. From summer, autumn, winter, spring, and now summer and autumn again, here I am on the roof of the Yew Abbey. It's almost sad to see it go. It's been a defining locale in my book of tricks... a sercret protected from everyone and known to no one but me. A magical playground without any playmates.


(Now where was I?)

(Oh yeah, the hiest!)

The funniest thing is at this point, when it comes to champion spawn tendancies, I probably know them better than they know themselves.

Becca was here with no Hoffs and that meant Becca was my prime target.

Az had a scroll of transcendence somewhere, but it's not what I came for.

Aislinn's pack was always messy and rarely had anything worth stealing.

"Anyone need a 120 Parry or Archery?"

(Oh, Becca. You're too kind.)

Becca has a transcendence scroll, but she also wasn't a fool. She's done this many-a-time and I take a second look at her backpack.


I see what I like and spot what I want.

A little shuffle stepping ruins my timing, but it's all part of the chaotic plan.

(I came prepared.)

I slap my invisibility sash back on and am only visible for a second.

Aislinn: Becca watch out.

(Aislinn knows what's up and my cover is blown.)

I try again.

I reach for the scroll, the sash comes off, the sash goes on, and the scroll is mine.

I nab the 115 archery on the floor and go back for Becca's other 120.

She hides.

I reveal.

I wanted her scroll but they wouldn't let me have it.

Down and around, up the steps and in. They seek refuge in the fortress to the north and it works.

Left shouting at the walls, I turn around and go back and chalk it up as a win.

(I knew this sash would come in handy.)

I started this journey 1 year, 2 months and 12 days ago on July 16, 2008 and it ends today on September 28, 2009. No more mis-information. No more getting up at 3:30am. No more!

In total, the loot included:
  • 120 Anatomy
  • 120 Archery
  • 120 Chivalry
  • 120 Focus
  • 120 Parry
  • 115 Anatomy
  • 115 Archery
  • 115 Eval
  • 115 Fencing
  • 115 Meditation
  • 115 Ninjitsu
  • 115 Peacemaking x2
  • 115 Stealing x2
  • 115 Stealth
  • 115 Spellweaving
  • 115 Wrestling
  • 115 Veterinary x2
  • 20k Check
  • 45k Check and/or Fanta's Be-smirched Honor
  • 1 Shield of Invulnerability That Got Away
  • 1 Skull of Power
  • Bloody, Bloody Corpses of Yellow Robed Men
And I burned through:
  • 2 Sashes of Invisibility
  • 1 Tribal Mask of Invisibility
  • A Few Exploding Crates
  • Countless Sleepless Mornings

Yes, each member of Gilfane had their flaws, but don't we all? Sure, they never should've used the same place twice after my first failed attempt, but isn't it our faults that make us most human?

You could say I've been more lucky than good. Sure, you could say that many of the lesser 115s would never have been rolled for and would have remained on the floor, unclaimed. And you could also say the bloody, bloody deaths of my new recruits was unnecessary and it single handedly revealed the deep (deep), underlying, personal, psychological problems of a very disturbed man. Stealing scrolls by day and killing recruits by night; that's how it was for me for the longest time. But before you pass judgement, I remind you now of the 8 virtues. I insist you now recognize the 9th virtue of patience. And I implore you now to heed my words -- words which have never been spoken as loud, as true, and as thought provoking as I recite them for you now:


(I thank thee and goodnight!)

'Til next time!

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