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Episode 087: Fun with Red Gates (Part I)

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Hail friends,

With my first red gate of the night a bust, I was still hungry for some action. And it started off promising enough, with two unsuspecting adventuerers returning from a (profitable?) excursion into the Blighted Grove.

Maybe their packs were too heavy from all the treasure that was over flowing in their packs? Perhaps they were in need of pack horses to help them with their enormous, new found wealth! Perhaps today would be the day I would get my greatest steal and would be able to rule my own small kingdom with an iron fist!

Maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- they were in search of a new partner in their regularly scheduled forced mating sessions!

Too many questions.

(Only one way to find out.)


But it seems this was only foreshadowing an adventure to come. I've already readied my shurikens and prepared my poisonous blades. And when that second gate finally came I was ready... but I wouldn't be the only one looking for adventure this night.

A red gate opens to my right. Bardie of @WAR, a stealth archer, beats me to the gate. We pop to the other side and I wait for him to move and reveal himself first. The gate is opened, but with with no one at the other end, Bardie goes to survey the area...

...and so do I.

An island!

A single keep by itself ruling the whole of this tiny island. But if this truely was an island, the mage to cast the gate must be around here somewhere. I circle around and approach the keep from the west and find myself a little late to the party!

Reveal after reveal they cast... but not for me. I let Bardie take the blame for their latest woes as I sneak around to the front of their keep. And with their backs turned in my direction, I take a closer look.

...Or at least I would have if Bardie didn't drop one of them with three hits from his bow. Just out of reach from my fingers, I eye the naked body. My instincts tell me there was nothing to be had and it wasn't the time to reveal and show my hand... Bardie takes a peak and walks away.

I was right, so I watch and wait for the back-up to arrive.

And it comes in the form of a bok weilding, chicken riding mage. I take my time.

A bag of sending, but not much else.

Icy Talos comes out of the shadows just long enough for me to take a look.

A bandana, a brazier, and two mystery bags.

(I'm intrigued.)

But how to relieve him of his treasures? I ready my dagger just in case.

Step-by-step I inch closer to my mark. I eyeball the bandana first. I creep in closer until she's within my reach. And just as I'm about to take my prize... Bardie pops out of the shadows again!

I snatch the bandana and run to the east, Bardie lets one fly, and Icy Talos takes one to the face.

I circle around to the west while Bardie finishes her off in front of the mage. I get in close. There was still more to be had.

"An Corp!" the mage says. I wouldn't have much time.

I pop open the corpse and start grabbing wildly. First the brazier, then one of the bags, one more second and I would've had the other, but the newly rezzed elf selfishly robs me of that joy.

The two take a breather inside of their fortress. And with a minor arty and mystery bag in hand, satisfied with my loot, and all with my hands clean of any murders, I return to the bank and find my unsuspecting partner in crime.

I say hello, he grabs my ass, I tell him that's very inappropriate, he apologies, I accept, and we exchange pleasantries.

You never know what you'll find at the end of a red gate.

*eyeballs some of the Luna locals and wonders if they're into forced mating*

'Til next time!

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