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Episode 043: Do what to her? I don't even know her!

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Hail friends

*checks pockets and finds an old note from Borgio*

A Warning to Chad

Chad just a quick dit, After being in the guild around an hour I decided to head off to Britain to snoop people for sheer annoyance more than anything. I snooped one guys (Cant remember his name for the life of me who just "lol"'ed and ran off. I ran around a little as a wee wolf and suddenly I got attacked for no reason, I died right next to the moongate. THe guys name escapes me but he had a message for you!!!

"Tell Chad" he began, "I want to have his babies"

So be careful, there is a man running around who, it seems, wants secks with you!!!!

It's odd that I'd be reminded of this note on this day.

(And I'll tell you why.)

A lone vampire with a backpack full of Translocation Powder, a bag of sending, some gold and... and...


I don't bother with the poison nor holy sword. The last time I tangled with a vampire, I was the one laying face down in the dirt. No, this time I'd take my -- well earned -- prize and be thankful for her generosity!

I grab the scroll and dash for the door!

I stop.

Nothing? Attack me. Chase me. Something!


I'm insulted.

I return and take the powder. Lady Tammy backs away one tile. I don't even bother hiding.


Pay attention to me. I wave my arms around and make stupid faces. My erection soon fades away... something was wrong, but what? I got what I wanted and more. I fled the scene without a scratch.

Why do I feel so negelected?

I convince myself that I'm walking away from a glorious victory. I tell myself that I pulled off a great steal -- the GREATEST steal in the history of steals. I tell myself that the odds were stacked against me, my foe was not just a worthy adversary but twice the man I was and I still bested him. I tell myself I just did what no other thief could ever do.

I walk away with my tail inbetween my legs covering my genitals as I search the dungeons for other quarry.

I find it.


I haven't crossed blades with this one before, but I've met his kin many-a-times! The Quantum Realm! They never disappoint. I now look to him for guidance.

I watch. I wait. I study my new prey. (I hope he's a fiesty one.)

Dragon after dragon he conquers... then he's gone.

I search. I sniff. I find him again.

This one has hiding.

A mighty bracelet, but there must be something more. My eyes search as fast as they can. Before the dragon is gone, and I loose his scent once again.

I find something more to my liking.

He's gone.

Fixated on my target, I don't bother searching again. I wait for him to come to me.

The open floor of this natural cave provides suits me well. I line up for a running snatch. That's it! My blood rises once again. The challenge of it all. The sweat dripping from my face. The smell of fresh blood in the air.

That's it!

I thank thee, kind sir!

I'm reminded why I do it at all. I return to the dungeons of Fire once again, to explain to Lady Tammy how things work in Felucca:
  1. I find you.
  2. I steal from you.
  3. You try to kill me.
  4. ...OR ELSE.

Lady Tammy, still working on her original bag of sending but soon runs out. She shuffles the contents of her backpack around and finds a pile of powder supiciously missing... I wonder where it went?

*perplexed face*

She dumps the last pile of gold on the ground, summons her horse from around the corner (oh really?), and skitters home to grab more powder.

I anxiously await her return.

Before I go, there is one last thing I must do.

(It would be rude for me not to.)

Today. Tomorrow.

This time. The next time. And every time until you kill me. These are the rules "The Cool People Council" agreed upon when they created Felucca. These are the rules that I'm reminded of this day. These are the rules that I abide by. For if I don't, The Cool Peopel Council will gather, a vote will be cast, and I'll be out of the club. (And we can't let that happen.)

*sacrifices a llama in honor of Cool People*

'Til next time!

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