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Episode 213: (I think he's angry.)

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Hail friends,

Some days I think people don't notice the things I do -- as if I'm invisible.

And then there are those days (and love letters) that keep me going, reminding me why I do any of it at all.

Today is one of those days.

Is a NEW hunting with a rune beetle and nightmare still NEW?

This is the question I ask myself this day. There he his, holding his ground against demons, dragons, and drakes alike. There he is wearing his 100% LRC suit.

There his is with a backpack with nothing in it but a few hundred gold pieces and some bandages.

I let the NEW go.

It doesn't sit well in my stomach, but them's the rules.

::The Next Day::

Back in the winding, twisting, narrow halls of Wind, I find something new:

A dragon.

A tamer.

Nowhere to run.

And me.

I get into position and grab my kryss. I wait 'til the platinum dragon is busy and work my (newly re-stoned) skill in Detect Hidden.

Take a moment to spot anything I like. A few jewels, a bag of sending, a pet summoning ball, a few hundred silver pieces, a very nice LRC / Luck leather gorget, and a 100% LRC suit!

I grab my poisonous darts... and she fidgets. She moves, she hides, and continues.

(She doesn't suspect a thing.)

Again, I get into position and re-mount. The platinum dragon was just laying waste to the newly spawned demons. I would only have seconds to get the deed done. The joy! Oh, the thrill! (The challenge!)

This time there wouldn't be any running, either for her or for me. This time it would be me or her.

(And this time, there wouldn't be a NEW tag in my way.)

The next demon spawns...

...and I make my move.


"All Kill" she screams at the distracted dragon. I break a smoke bomb at my feet. I stay invisible for a moment -- just a moment -- for her to lose sight and to lose target.

And I go back for more.

"All Kill"
"All Kill"

(She continues to yell from the grave.)

(I take what's mine while the master-less platinum dragon with a sad, sad face, gives me cover from the demons.)

Where were her friends? Were other True Britannians on the way??

(Inquiring minds want to know!)

(What's this?)

A healer-robe wearing mage with spellbook in hand runs down from the inn, past the murderous cave, and out the exit of Wind.

I follow.

Decisions, decisions.

Now at the entrance I scout half way down the mountain.


I go back up.

A gate?

But were they coming or were they going? Did a robe wearing (treasure-less) mage just leave? Or did legions of (treasure-having) True Britannians just enter to avenge the tamer's untimely demise?

I skip the gate and dive back in.

(I choose incorrectly.)

I decide not to let this adventure end here (and still with blood on the brain), I wait.


The platinum dragon outside? Did I miss all the fun??

15 minutes pass and it looks like I might have satisfy my blood lust elsewhere. I soon get word of from Nightstalker and I head off to Fire Dungeon to meet him... but most of that action is already over. I only spot a few stray GIL running away from Nightstalker's red pixies before I turn around and go home.

Ah, well.

I take today's treasures and go home.

::The Next Day::

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
Is a NEW hunting with a rune beetle and nightmare still NEW?
Episode 213: A rune beetle, a dragon, a tamer and me.

Public Posting by MadMurphy:
(A newly registered, appropriately named Stratics username, just for me.)
The guy who started this thread is a real douche, a point that is backed up if you go to his link. Its funny that the guy you are qq'ing about was 1 shotted a few days ago by someone who doesn't respect the NEW tag and that he got those pets with the help of two friends. Oh but as soon as Shal saw the pets she should have booted him right? Why cause he's not some rp'er that you and chumps like you can sit at the guild house and corpse camp all day? Because he is using his month in NEW to get his character where it needs to be to survive? Oh but I guess if you know how to level your skills then you're gonna have cry babies that think they need to hop on here and act like jerks for no reason. Grow up buddy, the only reason you're in the position you are in is because you still play a game long after its dead and from the threads here it only seems like its dying more everyday. And what do you do? Try to pick on someone you don't know jack about, pathetic really considering attitudes like yours discourage new players and that is exactly what you need here unless you like running around all day not seeing one other person (as I have many days in the couple weeks I've been playing.) But what am I thinking, you probably do want that so you can keep acting like you are all high and mighty at this game.


(I think he's angry.)

'Til next time!

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