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Episode 202: A Short History Lesson in Thievery

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Hail friends,

Public Posting by Goldberg-Chessy:
(Somebody who just doesn't get it.)
Thievery & a short history lesson

Who actually wants thieves restored to their former power? Griefers or actual players? When the thief could use a simple 2 key macro to Disarm & steal at will with basically 0 consequences. The best ones had no need to wear any gear so obviously no worries about losing anything. Not once have I ever heard a valid argument that explained to me what possible risk the thief took because there was absolutely none. Death without losing any gold or gear? Lol, 0 risk. Correct me if I am wrong but almost every time you see another post for the return of the thief they specifically mention this period of time when thieves were running rampant. Kinda sad because every one of these thieves was nothing more then a pure griefer. You have a thief and you have a victim. There was never any in-between or middle ground.

Thief - Victim

What made it much worse is that you then had a situation created where only 1 side could possibly have any fun or satisfaction (and dont get me wrong as it was hella fun being the thief back then lol) But the problem,and reason IMO that the Devs rightfully nerfed it a bit, was that only ONE SIDE had any possibility for fun or satisfaction(the thief of course) Who enjoyed being chased/snooped around by a thief? Absolutely nobody. Need more proof that thieves mainly just stole to grief? How about the FACT that to this day they can steal hundreds of millions out of Doom & also steal extremely valuable Powerscrolls from Felucca spawns yet they choose not to. Why is that? They are thieves yet they dont want to steal valuable items? Hrmmm. Right now you can read threads where supposed oldstyle thieves are complaining about Doom & scrolls because they say its not the same as stealing from another player. Uhh, can you say Griefer more clearly?

Bottom line is that the oldstyle thief was by nature the actual definition of griefing. If the Devs can come up with a way to give the thief the same amount of risk as the victim then I am all for the return of thievery. But until then good riddance. Peace.

Once upon a time, in a time and place that seems so long ago, there was turmoil. There was no Trammel, there was no Felucca, there was only Britainnia. In the beginning you could be freely attacked without the luxury of popping back into the non-consentual lands after a steal. In the beginning there was the safety of an extra set of eyeballs and the thief standing next to you, watching your back.

In the beginning, people complained about the thieves and their cowardly ways because they didn't understand the risk. They only spotted the thief for a few brief seconds and then he was gone... or dead. They did not understand that the thief only had the upper hand leading up to, during, and immediately after the theft. They did not understand that the thief only enjoyed this moment of glory for moment... and then it was gone.

They did not understand that they were the hunters and the thieves were the hunted. They let the thieves pull the wool over their eyes, looked straight into the smoke and mirrors, and didn't understand that they had the upper hand every moment of every day when the thief was not actively engaged in a theft.

In the beginning, when The Hunt, The Theft, and The Chase were over, the hiding began. Back to the shadows, they were banished... until the hunt began again. In the beginning, things were good. Those days are long gone. Today's UO has animal form, shadow jump, smoke bombs, ethereal steeds and chargers of the fallen for all! In today's UO, a thief can engage in The Hunt, The Theft, and The Chase, and stray away from the shadows and pop back into Trammel!

"Off with his head!" they'd say.

"Off with his head!" they received.

*sad face*

'Til next time!

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