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Episode 053: Bob the Miner vs. Tim the Tool Man

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Hail friends,

Throughout Sosarian history great debates & wars have been fought. Social and territorial. Reds vs. Blues. Order vs. Chaos. Felucca vs. Trammel. ...and of course:

Bob the Miner vs. Tim the Tool Man.

I've heard of this growing battle between these two noble families, locked in the an epic battle through the generations. The current breed trying settle score spawned from their fathers' fathers' fathers.

And of course I had no idea that this battle would be fought again today, right before mine eyes, when I walked out my front door. To me it was just another day, in my endless search to get my hands on the elusive Scrolls of Alacrity. I make my rounds and find myself in the City of Compassion once more.


What's this?

Reminants of a hard fought battle. I search the great city, but all I find is Millie... taking advantage of her alone time in her house by walking around naked. (Like all women do.)

I stick around for a while (attempting to take a peek), but my x-ray vision seems to be fading.

*knocks on house wall*

(Sandstone... with traces of lead.)

You cunning sexy fox.

Pile after pile of ore I follow up the road, across the northern bridge, then along the river's edge to the east.


This must be the house of a mighty warrior! A noble among nobles!

Smokey Pipe!

A stealth archer. I've met this one before. (Usually with his arrows in my back.) Even if this one brings (me) more scrolls it'll be a tough steal. I stake out the area anyway, but he never shows.

I'll have to visit again some day.


That day comes.

Bob the Miner! A great noble indeed! Here he was happily mining away with thoughts hell bent on plans for his next diabolical plan to best Tim the Tool Man this week.

(Mining helps him think!)

I watch and wait for a few minutes and the tempo was the same. Recall in, stash his stash, recall out. Sleep mining?

There's only one way to find out. I move in for a closer look.

Ah-ha! A mighty treasure indeed!


*pumps fist*

I'll waiting around long enough. I prepare my deadly poisonous dagger...

...and wait for Bob to return.

After my dagger pierces his skin, after a Death Strike penetrates his soul, and two more stabs later, he pops to life!

Disoriented, stumbling in confusion he somehow pull the door to his house and leave me watching from a distance outside his private house!

At a distance, my poison finally takes hold.

3600gp hath been deposited into my bank box, but his lifeless corpse was still taunting me. Still holding my prize. And holding it close.

I decide to stick around.

I snoop him again and indeed see the bag of sending that I desire! But with Bob on the steps of his own house, I'd never be able to fell him before he reached a safe distance once again. And he knows it.

He spouts crazy "you know who I am, you're going to be surprised" riddles.

I respond in kind.

And just as I suspected, he retreats to safety. But this time he even cures his poison.

To my surprise he places a 30 charge bag of sending on the ground!

My treasure! My prize! My bag of sending! My... pink... bag... of sending?



(Rat bastard.)


"I thank thee & good day." I tell him with every intention of returning. But first I needed some supplies...

He does think I'm blind!

Surely he's aware of the self congratulating statuette of himself displayed on his rooftop for the world to see. (A market that some would say I have a monopoly on. ^^)

The local provisioner had something that would serve it's purpose. But I was looking for something a little less conspicuous for what I had in mind. I turn to the local vendors to help me in my plight.

"Pardon me." I inquire, "Can you craft crates?"

"I can craft anything." Pickaxe Pete answers.

His compatriot, none-other-than Tim the Tool Man, answers my call! He quickly comes up with what I had asked with his mind clearly fixated on his next brilliant scheme to best Bob the Miner.

(Crafting helps him think!)

I return to the scene of the crime and find Bob the Miner right where I left him.

Still taunting me at a distance with the protection of his house by his side at a moment's notice.

Two can play.

He recalls away and I set the trap.

I clumsily drop Tim's crates on the ground, and by Bob's unlucky roll-of-the-galactic-dice they seemed to have dropped on his house steps! Whatever shall he do??

There it is! My blue bag of sending.

I came for scrolls, I settled on a single bag of sending, I end up with two bags overflowing with charges, plus I find myself unexpectedly featured in another chapter of Bob the Miner's & Tim the Tool Man's ever-growing, never-fading struggle!

*high five*

I return to the nice vendor and pass on the good news to Tim!

Ah, another chapter concluded. Bloody as usual. The battle may be concluded, yet the war far from over...

Round 417: Tim the Tool Man

'Til next time!

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