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Episode 166: A city full of dragons and more for me.

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Hail friends,

Minding my own business at the Barter Town stables (I claim them for myself!), I'm rudely interrepted by a shady looking fellow that goes by the name of Bank Roll as he rides past my stables and through my town without permission.

He spots me next to my trusty llama.

I don't care. I follow anyway.

I put on my jewelry and decide to say hello.

(It's always nice to meet the neighbors.)

The trespasser was somewhere around here and I had to track him the old fashioned way -- with my eyes (like a cave man).


But within the confines of his many castle walls, it seem like there was nothing to be done. I head home and... he just won't leave me be.

A second time he insults my town's borders.

The hunt is on, back again past my stables.

And back up again!

And a third time, he crosses my land and shits in my face.

Back again at the castle and this time... he's brought friends.

Ah, K0C & friends.

From my earlier adventure with Blind Man (a.k.a. Operation Human Shield), I decide on my next move.

To K0C HQ I go!

I take the Luna Moongate and... I find the party has already started!

(With my ninja mempo recently swindled by a guild member, I find a goofy looking Jingasa on the ground to take its place.)

(It has Mana Regeneration 2 and Night Sight.)

(It will do.)

The locals are uppity, the dragons are overkill, and the goofy looking Jingasa I found on the ground (with Mana Regeneration 2 and Night Sight), the trespasser & friends were no where to be seen.

I leave the locals to their dragon fights and continue onward.

Now we're getting somewhere. I hang out for a while and am about to leave when Cash runs out of the HQ and goes to join the party.

I get to the bank and find my first clue.

But where were the others?

I spot Nym just within the protection of the town guards and spot something I like:

(Maybe this is my kind of party after all?)

Justin Credible, The Gerbiler, and Tucan Sam... but no Bank Roll to be found.


A trespasser with diabolical plans? Friends and family dead in his place?? Dashingly handsome you say???


It seems Bank Roll had an Operation Human Shield of his very own! The similarities are impeccable! But I've wasted enough time pitting our dashingly good looks one against the other... there was a theft that needed to be done! Sir Toby Belch hovers over a few dead bodies with a pair of dragons at his side.

*game face*


A crossbow worth killing with and equally worth dying to dragons with.

(It will do.)

I follow him close.

He jumps the Luna moongate. I check a few others but soon return. He'd be back. I soon a few packs, but I already found what I wanted. It was just a matter of time.

He returns (on a field of victory?)

With a few enemy and friendly corpses around them (and with the dragons doing what they do best), they let down their guard, open their mouths, and give me exactly what I need.

Sir Toby Belch steps forward again...

...just outside of the reach of the town guards.

I spot the crossbow, mount my etheral llama and make my move on the 6 stone bow.

--And I am mistaken!

"Guards can now be called on you!"

I clench my butt cheeks, move in slow motion through Downtown Luna, track Sir Toby Belch from behind incase he gives chase, and make it to safety!

I claim victory!

(A minor victory.)

With the way my luck has turned lately, a minor victory will do.

'Til next time!

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