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Episode 167: The Mystique of Moonglow

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Hail friends,

This story begins the night before, after checking the public postings as I so often do:

Public Posting by Roentgen:
Okay set a vendor up right outside of the north gate of Moonglow...you can basically shop from the GZ...I put potted plants, a valorite robe/cloak set, CBD, Gypsy Headress, Candalabra of souls, Cursed Arties, Alacrities, Gold box, a Scrappers and alot of other stuff....I will add more tommorrow and as other things sell out...

Newly stocked vendors? Full of arties and scrolls?? Unsure if it resides within guard zone you say???

I drop what I'm doing and head out to the shop. (I make my own luck.) Through the gate, past the bank, and just outside of Moonglow's borders, there it is just like Roentgen said it would be. I make camp. Alone in the night, I find only one customer. He stops and he shops and he walks and he leaves. Standing there in position with his pack opened to me, he leaves the shop after buying nothing. The night was already growing long and I take that familiar road home.


I return the following day.


(What are you up to?)

I track Mystique up to town... and past the bank.

*happy face*

She stops at the vendor house (outside of town guards) and I get into position just like the last time. I stop. I mount my ethereal llama and pop open her pack. Waiting, just waiting for her to make her purchase and for me to make my move.


I look at her pack again.

I stutter. Too confused to know which to go for first. The numbers start rolling around in my head for which was of greatest value.

I stutter and Mystique heads back into town.


I dismount, follow her a dozen steps into town, mount up again, and in honor of second chances, I stutter no more.

I go for the 4 stone Hunter's Headdress and test the guard's eagle eyes.


I check my criminal status and find myself still blue. Mystique didn't move.

(I go back for seconds.)


(But not far.)

Richy RicH goes in the gate, I go up, and Mystique goes down.

I follow.


At mid-afternoon now, the arti-filled vendor shop recieves many visitors. I snoop them and I snoop them all. One step away from a Hiding Alacrity Scroll, I was. But it was just out of reach...

--Oh, yeah. And Sir Toby Belch and his big ass dragon chasing me down the road.

(But that's not important.)

I check the public boards later that day.

Public Posting by Kage of K0C:
"Arties Stocked @ Yew Gate!!!"

(He seems to be missing something.)


'Til next time!

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