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Episode 165: Hijacking Today's Adventure

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Hail friends,

Let's cut through the fluff and get straight to the point. The dry spell continues. Someone had a good day today and it wasn't me. I start the day like I do every day, by checking the public postings. (The locals here love their public postings.) I spot something of interest and decide to hijack it for my very own.

Public Posting by Kage of K0C (a.k.a. The Legend):
"Today's Adventure - *The Sheriff*

Today I started my rounds in Luna... I then cross paths with Max Glowember... he spouts off some story about how he killed me in a few seconds blah blah blah I guess he thought I was going to go blue again :P boy did he guess wrong!

I then attack him and chase him all over Luna If you have ever fought Lord Evermore u know what I mean *laughs* Anyways after chasing him for several minutes he realises I have detect hidden and log's onto Mythril same thing... then he calls in his buddy Tairon...

So it's 2 on 1 lol still a fair fight have in mind xD End Result!"

I kill Tairon and Max Glowmember aka Evermore and Mythril hides inside the house but hey he can kill me in what 3 seconds???

"Next up I travel to Umbra where I find a very afk Kodran I kill Kodran afk in his house. odly enough he never moves but keeps hiding and reappering every 7-8 seconds... odd huh xD"

A man leaving a bloody trail... and without me!

He was leaving a trail and it wasn't hard to follow. I begin by retracing his steps...

The first body was already gone. This trail ran cold. I head out the west bridge of Umbra and move on to the next.

There I find the dead Kodran. More importantly, I find him blinking in and out just like he said he would be! The adventure was real and I was getting warmer.

Public Posting by Kage of K0C (a.k.a. The Legend):
"More pics! And Hef that was probably the worst attempt of gank I have ever seen ... and learn to actually use that lesser Hiru will ya?

One of Loki and Lucian"

"One of Blaze... while fighting 2 others I might add :>"

He ego was growing to enormous proportions. I could just see the locals angry with their pitchforks and torches getting red faced after reading his every word -- and this was his intention!

Something ugly was coming... and hopefully that something ugly brought along with it a trail of treasures ripe for the taking. The pressure was building and I was going to be there when it boiled over.

(But first thing's first.)

I continue to follow the intentionally easy to follow public trail.

Loki and Lucian were gone and I was out of breath.

I check the town square once more to find that again, I'm two steps behind.

Public Posting by Kage of K0C (a.k.a. The Legend):
"Almost lost that suit Tek good thing u logged on an alt char and saw ur body.... when will u people learn to log out?"

Back inside Luna!

(I was way off.)

But the time inbetween my catching up to his latest murder and his latest public posting was becoming shorter and shorter.

I was close. I could feel it.


And just as I get there, the locals arrive with their pitchforks.

From the safety of the house to zipping across the city walls above, I try to get in close... but they're much too fast.

(Maybe not on top, but below.)

(Maybe not below, but outside...?)


I head back up and lose the trail. I check the public postings once more.

Public Posting by Kage of K0C (a.k.a. The Legend):
"And Hef here is my next adventure just for u sweet heart...

I made another round through Luna to my surprise I find a very very old guild and guess what there in factions Murder, Murder, [Inc] So all 3 of them see me and we dook it out... for a few minutes..."

I check the southern city walls again and only find bones. I spot some of the other locals and decide to stick with them.

If following his trail at half his speed wasn't working, I'd wait for him to come to them.

(Some of the other locals were out looking for blood.)

And I find a body!

(The wrong body.)

Public Posting by Kage of K0C (a.k.a. The Legend):
"Here is another pic for u Hef... I guess ur gank was to small I had a hand this time... nice attempt though... my only question is why did Loki, WyRm, run and hide?

Nice lil face plant there Hef..."

"TO Maybe u guys should take a lil break with pvp today... I have made u guys requip so much it's not even funny..."

The day grows long and the word spreads fast.

And finally, he sits still.

And this time, I wasn't going to lose him.

I take my time.

(But not too much time.)



Nothing in his pack, the day grows even longer, but still... I spot something I like.

(I stay close.)

Ah, some 7 stone ember leggings and a 5 stone ancient samurai helm!

I wait for the inevitable uproar by the locals and entertain myself in the meantime.

He'd be quick. (Too quick.) I don't bother fiddling with llama form this time. I mount my newly aquired ethereal steed and make my sweet escape.

A mediocre piece of jewelry. I go back for more entertainment and find...

...the uproar has started without me!

This was it.


I would have to be fast.

I would have to be swift.

I would have to be lucky enough that the fight didn't swing away from me right before he dies -- like it's doing as I speak!


Down and back up and out, the uproar is moving, just out of reach.

Outside the walls, I find them...

...but I'm much too late.

(Or am I?)

I get in close.

I check some of their packs and pop open his corpse. I snatch the first thing I see and get out of there just as soon as I hear their yells of "Kal Vas Flam!" in my direction!

Now away from the corpse I find my own safety. I notice something in my greedy paws, catch my breath, look down and get what's coming to me...




I continue the hunt in hopes of finding a straggling piece of newly looted treasure that someone fails to stash away for safe keeping. I'd tell you the tale of what happened next... but it's much too painful. All-in-all, an entire day's work and all I have to show for it are a few jewels, a few weapons, and... some mandrake root.

(The dry spell continues.)

(But for how much longer?)

'Til next time!

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