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Episode 164: The blind leading the blind.

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Hail friends,

There's something I've been planning to do for over a week now. I've been waiting for my Magery to be high enough to cast Gate Travel reliably. Tonight my Magery is finally sufficient (with the help of some free jewelry). I send out the call for any able bodies willing:

Chad Sexington: Meet me at the guild tower.
A Blind Man: 10-4

Only one answers.

(One will do.)

Now atop my newly erect (and slightly sexual) large tower, I tell him tonight's plan:

The runebooks!

I picked them up from the TO & TD IDOC long ago (Episode 158) and I've had them stashed in the lower left of my pack ever since. With two mystery runebooks filled with mystery runes, how could today's adventure not end with success...?

"C8V Vendor's" says the first one. "Crusader's Better Homes & Gardens II" says the other.

(This looks promising.)

I start from the top -- Adventure Awaits!

(The first one is a dud and I move on to the next.)

Blind Man goes in first and I follow.

This doesn't look like "Nox & sum's Vendor."

(But it'll do.)

"What's that? Free runes you say?"

I check the bag and am denied. I look to the book laying next to it for answers.


*pumps fist*

Everywhere I go, there they are (and usually foiling my plans).

I've had enough of this place. We move on.

Blind Man goes right and I go left.

Rune after rune we search in hopes for a challenge and treasure...

...and possibly wenches.

And every time, Blind Man goes it first, I go second, he goes right and I go left.

At this point, we've got the routine down to perfection. Now if only there were something worth taking on the other side.

From Malas to Sosaria we go. From the Gate of Yew to the City of Luna, we search, scratch, sniff, and possibly sieze.




He steps into the gate before he finishes his thought.

(I'm sure it was unimportant.)

On second thoughts, I do know what's funny! It's funny that I've been using him as a human shield all along...!

(He's been walking through the gate first at each of our stops thus far. Therefore, he would be the first to get a flamestrike to the face when we finally find company.)


(Don't tell him I said that.)

And finally, progress.


(I write down a mental note for future pillaging and we move on to the next.)


We look to the next rune and take the next gate and find a ferocious monster awaiting us at the other end! With no offensive power between the two of us, it was every man for himself!

Blind Man panics!

I panic!

We barely escape with our lives (and dignity?) intact.

He goes right and I go left.

The amount of lack of adventure we find is laughable.

But somehow, we muster enough dignity between the two of us to continue onward.

*pumps fist*

(We have differing opinions.)

Dark Wisps!

With the last rune a bust, we head for home.

I know what you're thinking. I know the dry spell continues. I know it looks like there's no end in sight. I know that if you were here, you'd tell me to give up this life of crime and find more productive uses for my time (like going out of the house and getting some sun).


If you were here, I'd slap you and tell you that your lack of confidence is disturbing and unwarranted! The treasures! Dear god, the treasures that are out there to be had! (And the beatiful, beatiful tears of innocent treasure-less citizens.)

Now if I could only find them...

(I blame this adventure on Gilfane.)

'Til next time!

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