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Episode 287: "A STUPID Theif" (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

I keep records of everything I do.

Some are successes, others are failures, but many, many more just become points and people of interest that I check on my daily rounds. Some of them are missed opportunities where I hope to get a second chance to steal again on a later date. But many, many more are just records of information needed to make better informed decisions later on down the road. (These records are thousands of never seen screenshots that I stuff into dozens and dozens of folders that will never see the light of day.)

The following adventure is just the result of one of those hidden records that I make public now.

::11 Days Ago::

*notices the flag on the mailbox is up*

*skips outside and checks for mail*

(Odd... in more ways than one.)

Not much to go on.

It's authored by Altholus, sent by AEowyn, and nothing is written inside. I make note of the discrepances, etch Altholus' name into my brain, and life goes on.

::9 Days Ago::

I spot Altholus bank sitting in Luna. (It seems "Altholus" isn't a just a strange, AEowynic amalgamation between a mysterious pen name and a kinky foot fetish after all!) At this time, I've already seen at least one other Foot Licking Coupon in someone else's pack.

I dig a little deeper.

Armed with a sword and shield, he had an odd assortment of items in his backpack for a thief:

His profile was odd... yet acceptable, but it was the stack of lockpicks that troubled me most.

He was either in deep undercover, playing the role of a "thief", or just was just a filty crate thief -- any one of which was just as likely at this point.

::7 Days Ago::

(What's this?)

Perhaps Nightstalker can get the truth out of him through conversation, the same truth that I couldn't get out of him through observation.

(Nope. Nobody home.)

(But don't let that interrupt your conversation.)

(I insist.)

(That makes two of us.)

(What about him?)

*squints eyes*

(You also use a sword and shield.)

(I have screenshots!)

(I don't believe you.)

(Then again, I always say half-truths are always the best lies. My best guess says that 1 of the 2 answers is true. I just haven't decided which one yet.)

Corpse stands a little farther back and to the right.

Ash and Grey Mullet are fondling some turkeys at the moment, but are ready at a moment's notice.

(I guess the Barter Town guards are doing their jobs.)

Well... not a disguise this time.

(Good guess, but not quite.)

Regardless, Nightstalker was correct to assume there was a stench about this one. Something wasn't quite right. He still had both keys and both books on him and the picture still wasn't complete.

Nighstalker runs north. Altholus chases after Nightstalker and a dark wisp chases Altholus back down.

He hides next to the vendor house, arms his sword and shield, mounts his ethereal horse and fights back.

::2 Days Ago::

*cracks open floor book*

An odd book.

It was an abbreviated version of the real "Code." It left only the bare essentials of The Code while adding an odd (and unnecessary) 3rd rule. At this point I'm leaning towards his standing as just a filty crate thief, but nothing is certain.

Luckily for me, this mystery would soon be solved and 2 days later I'd have the all the information I required.

'Til next time!

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