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Episode 206: EM Alcor (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

*takes out Map of Britain once more*

I've been hearing more rumors of the Event Moderator's arrivals, so I put on my game face and head out to the scene.

--And this time, I wouldn't be alone!

I take my time and scope out my surroundings.

It's a good thing EM Alcor is super cool and would never abuse and misuse his inhuman inviso-vision to warn Lucius or any other potential victims of my presenc--

"Oh, look out sir. Check your valuables."

(You mother fucker.)

But it turns out Lucious didn't have anything and EM Alcor was just as dry.

EM Alcor continues to break my cover, continues to talk to the invisible person in front of him, and continues his relentless Chad-hating spree.

I take a seat, drop my crate on the table, and await more visitors.

And then he forces the issue.

(It's a good thing for me, I've already decided what I'm going to take.)

I do the ol' steal and speak trick right in front of them.

I take EM Alcor's "Book of Virtues" and neither one of them is the wiser.

I test the waters and get my answer:

EM Alcor: Ermm... I wouldn't say that.

The conversation drags on while I wait for more visitors.

EM Alcor: Did you make it yourself?
Chad Sexington: Nay.
Chad Sexington: It's made from the tears of a thousand infants.

The conversation drags and drags and still, no others show. Lucius speaks...

Lucius Reginus: I have to go reg shopping.

...And I decide to have some fun.

I crack open my new book, written by Lord British himself, and begin quoting its scripture as if it were my own.

(Who knew plagiarism could make you look so smart?)

EM Alcor: Yes indeed.
Chad Sexington: I read it in a book.

He's intrigued and perplexed by my unusually high intellect:

(Check & Mate.)

"You have an interesting turn of phrase for a thief, sir."

(Thanks for noticing.)

EM Alcor: Mostly I get "hey guy, I ain't done niffink wrong."
Chad Sexington: *nods*

(Who knew plagiarizing Lord British could make you look so sexy?)

But enough of this, I wanted something tangeble and I wanted it now.

Chad Sexington: So you can create dogs?
Chad Sexington: What else can you create?
EM Alcor: Sadly at the moment I have no authority for anything, but creating a few companions.

Chad Sexington: Useless!

Chad Sexington: Can you make Jester's Hats?
EM Alcor: Yes.
Chad Sexington: But can you make AWESOME Jester's Hats?
EM Alcor: Erm... afraid not.


EM Alcor: I suppose you should know.

Lucius leaves again and I follow. There was nothing for me here.

EM Alcor's own Book of Virtues, you say?

I s'pose that's a treasure after all.

I take it and go home.

'Til next time!

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